Maui Residents Salute Joe Biden With Growing Fury Over Government Failure

Normally a visitor to Hawaii is greeted by this hand gesture.

Hang Loose

But it seems the Hawaiians had something else in mind for the demented Joe Biden:

One Finger Salute

I think we can conclude that many of the good people of Maui who survived the fiery inferno are a tad miffed with creepy Joe Biden.

Since I first posted about the wild fire that incinerated Lahaina I have received several emails from survivors who want their voice heard. So here goes:

I went to an emergency shelter (War Memorial Gymnasium) with my friend on Thursday to donate stuff, and it was chaotic.

My buddy and I signed up to volunteer for the Red Cross last week Thursday, and the next online class orientation is this coming Friday. That’s obviously not soon enough, so we are volunteering through more direct means at the nearest shelter.

I also want to point out that the response from the Red Cross and FEMA has been almost unnoticeable from the start of these fires. Everything from emergency services, medical aid, sheltering, and just basic stuff like feeding the people out in Lahaina and getting them things like propane to cook food, and larger things like getting at least one Starlink out to Lahaina so the people there can use internet to notify their families and friends, it’s all been done by local Hawaiians.

I don’t think I sent this one yet.

It asks why the warning siren was not sounded, I nor anyone I know received a text from the government warning about any of the fires, and I think the one in Lahaina started on Monday morning.

If you are not familiar with hhhnewz on Instagram I recommend you put it on your list. It provides quite a damning collection of eye witness testimony to the misconduct of Maui police and other Hawaiian Government officials:

The disaster on Maui was made possible by a combination of woke environmental policies (don’t disturb nature) and the hiring of ideologically pure people with zero talent for managing a crisis. This combination for human screw-ups led to the deaths of maybe 1,000 Hawaiians. It is questionable whether the town could have been saved. But the loss of human life because of the order to shelter in place and the intervention of the police that prevented people from fleeing the raging fire is not the fault of Mother Nature.



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