J6 Political Prisoner Barry Ramey Speaks Out Against Dangerous Conditions in Jail – Was Stabbed in Face for Watching Tucker Carlson


J6 political prisoner Barry Ramey

The Gateway Pundit reported on the National disgrace and the photos leaked of horrific January 6 political prisoner abuse.

J6 political prisoner Barry Ramey reached out to TGP to share his story.  Barry was stabbed in the face for watching Tucker Carlson in prison and is sounding the alarm on the abuse he and other J6 defendants are enduring from bigoted correction officers while being detained for nearly two years.

In a letter to The Gateway Pundit in April, Barry shared, “What we the Jan6ers went through at Northern Neck Regional Jail was egregious on so many levels that I’m not sure I have enough ink in my pen or pages in my notebook to list them all. I will do my best to give you, the reader, a shorter and more condensed version of it all. Just know that trying to explain what Northern Neck was like to someone who has never been there, is like trying to explain the color red to a blind person. The amount of psychological, physical, and constitutional abuses that occurred behind those walls is horrific.

Barry Ramey was slashed with a knife in the general population at Northern Neck Regional Jail.

“We have seen everything from extreme violence, malnutrition, constitutional rights suspended, our mail being discarded over political views, medical care constantly being denied, religious services being denied, visitation with our loved ones being non-existent, attorney visits being canceled, video court dates canceled, sleep deprived, forced to pay for basic needs such as clothes and hygiene. This writer was stabbed in the face for watching Tucker Carlson.”

Barry’s fiancée wrote TGP to update readers on Barry and share a letter he sent in July:

 My fiancée is Barry Ramey, who was arrested on 4/21/22 and recently sentenced to 60 months for his participation at the capital on January 6th, 2021. I’m worried sick because I haven’t heard from him in over a week and today I received a terrible letter from him explaining how he’s being treated. 

The last time I heard from him was an email on 7/26/23 at 5:36am letting me know he was being moved along with another J6er Mason Courson. Since he’s been to over 10 facilities in a year and a half of incarceration, I expected to hear from him in a few days and go thru setting up all new accounts for food & communication. But, a few days later I still had not heard from him. So, I looked up his location to find out he was at Petersburg FCI Medium facility. When I call this facility, the phone rings endlessly with no one picking up. I’ve let it ring for over 35 minutes today. 

I found a place to “voice a concern” on the bop website and submitted a welfare check, which is still unanswered to this day.

Last week Friday, someone finally picked up the phone at the prison, who said they could not do a welfare check but confirmed he is in Solitary Confinement, doesn’t “technically” belong to the facility because he’s labeled “in transit” and won’t be able access phone, email or commissary but should be gone in a couple days because “in transit” inmates don’t stay there long. I’m told if he’s there for a week, he might get one phone call. 

Several more days go by. No one still answers the phone. I finally get someone to confirm he is still there, but that’s all they will tell me. I plead for one phone call to be given to him, but I’m told that’s not likely to happen. 

The letter I received from Barry today confirms he can’t use the phone, but also says he has not been let out of his cell since he arrived, so he’s 24/7 in solitary confinement. He is being medically and generally neglected. The nurse ignores him, the correction officers don’t care when he makes requests because they say “ok” and then do nothing, they provide no toilet paper, he has to eat food with his hands because they “forget” to give him a paper spoon and his bed has no stuffing so his known medical issues with his back are clearly neglected and his back is “on fire”. 

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Today I tried calling and the phone rang for 35 minutes, no answer. Absolutely disgusted, I submitted another email (attached) to the bop & directly to the jail. I’m beside myself at how inhumane they are treating him, “like an animal” in his words and there’s nothing I can do or anyone I can even make a request to because they won’t answer the phone. I’ve been sick to my stomach worried about him and having to go thru every day wondering when he will make it out of there. 

It’s absolutely disgusted!. We thought being past the trial, where the prosecution sat on evidence for over a year that proved his innocence on their claims of investigation interference and dropped their enhancement on that on the evening of the sentencing date, that we would be moving on to another long road of appeals and him being sent to his destination. 

But now we’re facing more mistreatment, it’s getting worse now, as if he hasn’t been through enough with the other men in the horrid conditions for what seemed like endless months, in Northern Neck Regional jail, that Barry helped expose by putting his name on the line so they could be investigated. 

We need to expose Petersburg FCI Medium facility for treating our men even worse! Thank you so much for all you have done and are doing for all the J6ers. 

God Bless America! 

Osprey Sensei 

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Barry shares,

Hopefully by the time you get this, I will be on to a better place.  They got me living in Hell.  I can’t get a phone call to you.  No commissary…..No books, it took me 4 days to get a Bible.

When I tried to call you once my PIN number would not work.  Apparently that one attempt was my turn so now I have to wait a week to get a chance to call you.  I will only be allowed once call for 30 days.  Even though I broke no rules and are in transit, they treat me like an animal.  I have not been out of my cell, not one time.  It’s really bad.

Read Barry’s full  letter below.


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