Is Ukraine Awakening To The Likelihood That It Will Be Tossed Under The NATO Bus?

Foreigners who place their trust in the promise of the United States to have their back apparently are unaware of the fate of Vietnamese, Libyans, Cambodians, Afghanis and Iraquies who believed Washington’s promises. When the going gets tough, the U.S. says adios.

The following video cartoon is a canary in the mineshaft. While the West is scrambling to blame Ukraine for the failed counter offensive, some in the Ukraine are pushing back against that narrative by correctly noting that the pledge of Washington and NATO to give them the weapons systems needed to beat back the Russian offensive is nothing more than lip service. I’m providing two versions — youtube and Rumble (just in case youtube tries to quash the video).

Here is the Rumble version.

With no success on the battlefield Ukraine is opting for the drone hail Mary — i.e., attacking a couple of Russian ships with maritime drones. These attacks are pin pricks with no strategic significance in terms of diminishing Russia’s military power. However, these attacks are likely to inspire the Russian General Staff to look at attacks on NATO ISR operating over the Black Sea because of the role played by Western aerial surveillance in providing Ukraine with intelligence needed to attack those two Russian vessels. In addition, these attacks are likely to stiffen Russia’s resolve to impose a de facto embargo on Ukrainian ports in the coming weeks.

I wonder when the London bookies will start offering betting opportunities predicting Zelensky’s fall from power or the Ukrainian military’s withdrawal from the battlefield? That is another marker that is a better predictor of the course of the war in Ukraine than any of the nonsense being published by British intelligence or the Institute for the Study of War.


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