“He’s Too Late” – Maui Residents Line the Street to Protest Joe Biden’s Arrival (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Monday arrived in Maui to survey the damage two weeks after deadly wildfires devastated the historic town of Lahaina.

More than 100 people are confirmed dead and nearly 1,000 people are still unaccounted for after state and federal officials failed to quickly respond to the fires.

Corrupt Democrat officials in Hawaii delayed a water release and failed to sound life-saving sirens during the deadly fires.

Joe Biden has been on back-to-back vacations for the last couple of weeks and doesn’t have a care in the world. He callously refused to comment on the deadly fires as he lounged beachside.

After sending more than $100 billion to Ukraine, Biden offered a one-time payment of $700 per household to people displaced by the Maui fires.

Biden will only spend 6 hours in Hawaii before going back to Lake Tahoe for another vacation.

Of course, Joe Biden didn’t take any questions after he deplaned.


Maui residents lined the road to protest Joe Biden’s arrival.

Protestors held up signs that read “He’s too late” – and “Actions speak louder than words.”


One resident prepared for Biden’s arrival with a sign that read “Traitor Joe Must Go!!”


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