Blessed News Launches Today – A Christian Conservative Alternative to the Fake News

All of the hype & excitement around the launch of the Blessed News TV channel is definitely well deserved. Today TOP grassroots conservative podcasters and influencers have been assembled together on one network!!
Tonight at 6pm ET you can catch Gateway Pundit’s recapwith hosts Brian Lupo & Behizy , just download the FREE Blessed News App on iPhone & Android here.
Blessed News Network founder Jake Lang says that Conservative television and streaming will never be the same, “With this many patriot firebrands on a single unified platform like BNN, our message of Making America Godly Again will truly reach millions and impact the direction of this country.”
And he’s right!! With DAILY WEEKDAY shows like Raw & Unfiltered with Wayne Allyn Root, Steel News with Ann Vandersteel, God Bless America with Silk, Conservative Daily with Joe Oltman & Professor David Clements, American Revival with Pete Santilli, FlashPoint with Gene Bailey, Red White & Blue with Bill Martinez, and Beauty for Ashes with Tania Joy + 20 others conservative favorites – this is the most robust lineup in Christian Conservative media!
Tune in RIGHT now on the www.Blessed.News website and enjoy all original programming from 7am est to 1am every weekday & special weekend shows!! You can also search for the Blessed News Network channel on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, ROKU, and Samsung TV!!
Watch now on www.Blessed.News & donate to help this startup company founded by January 6 political prisoner Jake Lang on


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