BRUTAL VIDEO: Gov. DeSantis Walks Through Crowd as They Chant ‘We Love Trump’ and ‘We Want Trump’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had to walk through a crowd chanting “We love Trump” and “We want Trump” during the Iowa State Fair on Saturday.

DeSantis had been flipping burgers in an attempt to court voters when former President Donald Trump’s plane was spotted overhead — literally overshadowing the other candidate.

“Trump already overshadowing DeSantis at the Iowa state fair, as the crowd turns away from DeSantis event to watch Trump’s plane encircle overhead,” Washington Post reporter Joyce Koh tweeted with a video.

Messenger reporter Stephanie Murray tweeted, “Trump supporters chant ‘we love Trump’ as DeSantis grills burgers on the other side of the building”

“AND THE CROWD GOES WILD: President Trump isn’t even on the ground in Iowa before overshadowing Ron DeSantis at the Iowa State Fair!” Trump’s campaign account tweeted with a video.

DeSantis also got trolled during his sit down with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, as a plane flew overhead pulling a sign that read, “Be likeable, Ron!”

According to the Real Clear Politics average of national polls, DeSantis has support from only 15 percent of Republican primary voters, down from 31 percent in late March.

A Morning Consult survey conducted after Trump’s most recent indictment has him at 59 percent support, compared to 16 percent for DeSantis.


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