Alabama Mayor Calls for Defunding Library Unless They Remove Graphic LGBT Books From Kids Section

An Alabama mayor is calling for the library to be defunded unless they remove graphic LGBTQ books from the kids’ section.

Ozark Mayor Mark Blankenship posted about his grievances with the library on Facebook.

“We have been trying to remove this trash from the kids section of our library for several months,” Blankenship wrote. “We have been told several times it would be removed. It never happens and the library receives three or four more books per month.”

The Ozark Dale County Public Library Board has announced a special meeting “in light of an informal request to remove all LGBTQ books from the Young Adult section.”

Blankenship wrote of the session, “I know most of you are too busy to attend this meeting but you can contact your city council or county commission members and encourage them to cut their funding to the Dale County Library. If we cut the funding they will be closed and our children will not be exposed to this mess. It’s time the majority of the people stand up and address this liberal mess in Alabama.”

According to a report from the Alabama Political Reporter, Blankenship confirmed to them that he was the one who made the request after a father and daughter “ran into those books in the library.”

“The books were staring at her in the face that shouldn’t be there,” Blankenship said.

Blankenship told the outlet that the library currently had 56 LGBTQ books in the young adult section, and “added that his understanding is that the library gets three to five new LGBTQ books every month.”

“I think they’re inappropriate based on what I know about them just from looking at them,” Blankenship said.

“I don’t want children exposed to it in our library,” Blankenship said. “Any kind of sexual content at the young age of 12.”