“What the Hell Are You!” – Social Media Users Erupt After Major Cosmetics Company Uses Bearded Men to Promote New Product Lines (VIDEO)

Credit: Lauren Chen

Americans now have a new company to break apart following the successful boycotts of Target and Bud Light.

The Daily Mail reported Thursday that cosmetics giant Maybelline is using ugly bearded men to promote their new product.

The company first had “makeup artist” Zak Taylor promote a summer product the brand had just recently launched. Then they had Ryan Vita, a so-called “Maybelline Partner”, promote a new lipstick on its Instagram page.


Vita in his video can be shown in bright pink lipstick, which the Daily Mail notes is part of an Amazon Prime Day advertisement. The company tagged Vita by using the hashtag #maybellinepartner.

In an another post, Taylor is seen applying make up to his face.

Courtesy of conservative activist Lauren Chen, below is the full ad featuring Vita.

Social media users predictably erupted in fury at Maybelline using these nasty looking men to promote beauty products. Here were some of the remarks directed at them on their Instagram account:

ericajeanette75 Wtf did I just watch? This really isn’t helping to promote your products!

hadeel.qasem7 What the hell are you!!! Differently not normal!! Shame on these makeup brands that support this nonsense!

toka.mohammed1 Shame on you .. stop posting this kind of people

qeen_sum I will never buy Maybelin products any more

thelaurenchen Enough of this creepy crap!

shivagheytan You have to put a warning before starting this video


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