Target Refuses to Carry New Book by Conservative Mark Levin Out of Fear of Offending Democrats …UPDATE: Target Reverses Course, Will Sell Levin’s Book

Target stores have let Mark Levin’s publisher know that they will not carry his new book because they’re worried about offending Democrats.

It’s funny, Target didn’t seem worried about offending conservatives when they were carrying LGBT pride clothing designed by a Satanist, but now they’re concerned?

And the left has been falsely accusing conservative leaders of banning books for months now. Will any of them speak up about this book actually being banned? Don’t count on it.

Breitbart News reports:

Target to Drop Mark Levin Book for Fear of Offending Democrats

Target has reportedly informed conservative radio host and litigator Mark Levin, via his publisher, that it will not carry his new book, The Democrat Party Hates America, for fear of offending Democrats who shop there…

Target’s stance on Levin’s book contrasts with the chain store’s approach to controversial transgender-themed clothing, which it rolled out ahead of Pride Month, and which prompted a nationwide backlash by customers.

Target eventually made adjustments to its “LGBTQ” inventory, as the Associated Press reported at the time:

Target is removing certain items from its stores and making other changes to its LGBTQ merchandise nationwide ahead of Pride month, after an intense backlash from some customers including violent confrontations with its workers…

Target declined to say which items it was removing but among the ones that garnered the most attention were “tuck friendly” women’s swimsuits that allow trans women who have not had gender-affirming operations to conceal their private parts. Designs by Abprallen, a London-based company that designs and sells occult- and satanic-themed LGBTQ clothing and accessories, have also created backlash.

Levin talked about this on Twitter:

Target deserves to be boycotted by conservative Americans.

Make them afraid of offending people on the right.

UPDATE: Target reversed course and will sell Levin’s book now.  Good move.

via Paul Bedard.

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