Public Schools in Seattle Offer Sex-Change Services to Children as Young as 13 – Without Telling Parents

Public schools in Seattle have partnered with a group of ‘health centers’ to provide sex changes to children as young as 13 years old, for free.

The worst part is that parents can be left out of this process. There was a time not too long ago, when children were told that if an adult told them to hide something from their parents, that was a bad thing to be avoided at all times. Now schools are doing it.

This cannot go on for much longer. Parents are going to revolt, and who could blame them?

The Post Millennial reports:

Seattle public schools offer free sex change services to students as young as 13 without telling parents

The largest public school district in Washington State is referring students in the district to free “gender-affirming care.”

The Nova Wellness Center and the Meany Health Center offer “gender reaffirming care,” including hormone-blocking medications and referrals for sex change surgeries, which are available to middle and high school students in Seattle Public Schools (SPS).

According to documents obtained by Parents Defending Education (PDE), the health centers are operated by Country Doctor Community Health Centers (CDCHC) which offers “no cost comprehensive, trauma-informed, and gender-affirming care, conveniently at the school.”

As stated on its website, CDCHC provides services to “transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse patients.”

Services include “gender-affirming medications (estrogen, androgen blockers, testosterone, etc.) and injection techniques,” “hormone therapy for adolescents and specialty referrals for younger patients as needed,” and “referrals for gender-affirming surgeries.”

Some reports claim that children as young as 11 are eligible.

This is beyond wrong. It’s insane.


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