‘No Forensic Evidence to Prove It’ – Top Spox John Kirby Brushes Off Biden White House Cocaine Scandal (VIDEO)

On Sunday, White House spox John Kirby brushed off the Biden White House cocaine scandal after the investigation concluded without identifying a suspect.

Secret Service closed its investigation into the Biden White House cocaine scandal without conducting any interviews.

The Secret Service on Thursday concluded its investigation into the cocaine scandal that rocked the White House earlier this month.

No suspect was identified.


According to CNN, the baggy of cocaine was “found in a blind spot for surveillance cameras.”

No fingerprints, DNA samples, or leads!

According to Secret Service spokesman Anthony Gugliemi, the agency didn’t interview the 500 potential culprits because it would be a strain on resources.

Kirby brushed off the cocaine scandal

“I can’t really speak to the investigation that was done by the Secret Service, they did the best they could … they just were not able to come up with any forensic evidence that proves it,” Kirby said to Fox News anchor Shannon Bream.

No forensics. No skin cells. No fingerprints. No DNA. No cameras.

Got it?


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