“January 6 Was a Trap – It Was a Set-Up” – J6 Political Prisoner Donald Hazard Speaks Out After He Is Sentenced to Nearly 5 Years in Prison

January 6 political prisoner Donald Hazard

American patriot Donald Hazard is the latest victim of this lawless regime.

Donald Hazard is serving 57 months in prison for allegedly yelling at police officers from a distance and entering the Capital to assist someone in rinsing out his eyes with water.

Don is from Hurst,, Texas.  He was arrested in December 2021.  In May of this year, Donald was sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison for what the court described as “attacking police officers” at the US Capitol.   The DOJ accused Donald of dragging a police officer down a set of stairs.  Hazard entered the US Capitol briefly before police officers pushed him and others out of the building.

Don recently sent The Gateway Pundit a letter describing his ongoing nightmare:

My name is Don Hazard. I was raised in a north Texas town called Euless, near Dallas and Fort Worth. I lived in the same house with my sister and grandparents for eighteen years. I would say that I had a pretty normal childhood. My grandma taught Sunday school and my grandfather was a deacon. Despite being raised in church, I still lived a very wild life as a teen and young adult. After high school my life became an out-of-control, non-stop party. I had to watch my back everywhere I went and after many scars, close calls, near-death experiences, and some nights in county jails for alcohol, I finally had enough.

On the night of June 16, 2000, just a few minutes before midnight, I prayed to God and confessed that I was tired of living the way I had been. I asked Him to show me a better way to live. When I woke up the next morning, I instantly gave up my old lifestyle. I decided to get into shape and bought a gym membership where a guy taught submission wrestling class. Eventually, I started competing in tournaments with the Premiere Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools in Dallas, Texas. I’m a firm believer that God saved me from myself. I asked Him to show me a better way to live and he gave me martial arts.

Life was going pretty good at this point, but I was missing peace and tranquility. I craved beautiful scenery, something that was lacking around Dallas- Fort Worth. I packed my belongings and moved to Corpus Christi. It was nice and the beaches on Padre Island were beautiful. I was having a great time and life was peaceful. I hardly had a care in the world. Unfortunately, the carefree approach to life came to an end. It was 2008 and I got a new job that required me to ride around with my boss all day for two months. During those two months, I was introduced to conservative talk radio. We listened to it everyday non-stop. At first I hated it, but then I learned that our politicians are corrupt, Republicans are spineless cowards and Democrats are communists.

It was then that I learned conservatism is the only way we can save our country.

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When Donald J Trump announced he was running for president in 2016, my first thought was that they were making a reality TV show out of the Presidential Election. Then I heard him speak and I knew right then that he would be our next president. He gave us four years of great policies, tariffs on China, world peace, energy independence, and a truly amazing economy. Then in 2020, the election was stolen and anyone who paid attention to it knew. I decided to go to DC on January 6, 2021 to attend the “Stop the Steal” rally. I was excited to hear President Trump speak. I made the necessary preparations to make the trip. I figured Antifa and BLM would be there in full force. I listened to President Trump’s entire speech and then marched to the capitol where he told us to make our voices peacefully and patriotically heard.

On the way to the Capitol, I started hearing explosions that turned out to be flash-bang grenades. My first thought was Antifa and BLM were attacking the capitol. I went down there to protect people and defend the Capitol. Now once I arrived, there were not any barricades or signs. No eight-foot non-scalable fences like they had the day before. There was nothing to tell us to stay off the grounds where I walked to and I eventually saw bike racks being used as barricades. I was told that the US Capitol Police had intentionally started a fight with people standing behind the barricades, where they were allowed to be. They attacked men and women, young and old. They also attacked children. When they couldn’t get the crowd to breach the barricades, they simply moved them aside and let us go closer to the building.

While I was there, I witnessed excessive force and unneeded use of nonlethal munitions, weapons, and police brutality. Most of the fighting against the capitol police was done in self-defense of self and others. At approximately 2:00 p.m., I was on the northwest side of the building. I attempted to run past the officers up a set of stairs but was grabbed by a couple of them. I was then maced and we all went rolling down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, I was sprayed again and beaten with a police baton, while I was at the bottom of the dogpile of an unknown amount of officers. I tried to crawl out from under the dogpile towards the crowd and they scooped me up and took me somewhere to wash my eyes out.

Around 3:00 p.m. I saw people coming in and out of the parliamentary doors that were wide open. I decided to go in to kick my feet up and relax and chill out for a few minutes. Then a flashbang rolled in and exploded, followed by officers wearing body armor and pointing rifles at us. They yelled for us to get our hands up, so we did. I was escorted out of the building and I left the area. I went back to my hotel and the next morning headed back to Texas.

On January 6, I saw a lot of things happen that didn’t make sense to me at the time. I saw officers move barricades aside and let people go up to the building. I saw officers standing around, talking with the crowd, as if we were allowed to be there.January 6 was a trap. It was a setup. They want to push the narrative that it was an insurrection, but it wasn’t. The police killed two of our patriot sisters. Michael Byrd shot and killed Ashli Babbitt in cold blood. She was unarmed. He is a murderer and a coward. Roseanne Boyland was beaten to death by at least two officers who are also murderers and cowards. She was also unarmed. The officers should face murder charges.

Once I was back in Texas, life went on just as it had before J6. I was not in hiding and I didn’t know the FBI was following me or that I had a warrant out for my arrest. I was arrested on December 13, 2021, almost a year later and was denied bond. After being moved from jail to jail, I flew on Conair to Grady County, Oklahoma and then to Central Virginia Regional Jail. I was there for about 15 months and then moved to DC which is where I am as of 6/11/2023, waiting to go to Federal Prison. At sentencing, I was told that I was responsible for inflicting the worst injuries on officers that day. I was the only one to receive a six point enhancement, giving me a more lengthy prison sentence. I was given two choices on where to go to prison. I chose Miami and Orlando. My plan is to restart my life in South Florida and start a wildlife removal business. I also plan to run for political office, school board, or city council. I think that would be the best way to make some sort of positive difference.

I love my home state of Texas, but my arrest cost me everything back home. I’ve lost my home, job, and even my dog. I think it’s time for some change. New place, new plan. This country has taken a turn for the worst. Corruption is in almost every agency, like the DOJ, FBI, State Department, just to name a few.

We the people have sat back for far too long while communists who hate America have taken over. They control the media, education, big tech, federal courts, FBI, and DOJ. They are enemies of this great nation and a direct threat to this constitutional republic. The time is now for patriots to stand up and save America from these traitors, or we will lose our country forever. God Bless you and God Bless America.


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