Questions About Taylor Taranto and His Curious Story Continue to Grow – Newest J6 Detainee Shunned by “Patriot Pod” in DC Prison

UPDATE: We previously had a photo of Taylor Taranto with a cutout of President Trump.
President Donald Trump has NO CONNECTION to Taylor Taranto.

With reporting from Mel Hawley (TMI)

While the January 6 Community distances itself from the newest defendant, Taylor Taranto, a potentially dangerous situation is developing in the District of Columbia Correctional Treatment Facility.

As scrutiny increases over FBI handling of the latest January 6th detainee — many allege Taranto somehow works with the feds.

As reported yesterday by The Gateway Pundit, Taranto (who was last week arrested by DC Law Enforcement several blocks away from former President Barack Obama’s home) was under FBI surveillance for at least two years.

Along with multiple felonies pending, Taranto currently faces four misdemeanor counts in connection with Jan. 6.

Taranto wrote this on Telegram before his arrest in Obama’s neighborhood blocks from his house.

But pundits from all sides remain mystified with the amount of time taken to make his arrest and why it came only after his alleged plot was foiled by DC law enforcement.

In yesterday’s story, TGP Jim Hoft points out the many questions as to why the FBI allowed Taranto to “roam free for the past 2 years” when so many others were immediately detained — especially since he was seen at the nightly vigil held by Ashli Babbitt’s mother, Micki Witthoeft.

Taylor Taranto sits outside the DC CTF during a recent vigil

Speculation is rampant with Julie Kelly leading the charge.

“There is zero chance the feds were not involved in the case of Taylor Taranto,” Kelly tweets, “FBI has had Taranto’s cell phone number since Jan 6 (as part of broad geofence warrant no doubt). They’ve been tracking Taranto’s movements in and out of Washington, including attendance at vigils outside DC Gulag and J6 court proceedings…”

Meanwhile in the DC Correctional Treatment Facility (known as “The Gulag” by many), Taranto’s welcome hasn’t been warm.

TMI Correspondent Mel Hawley, who speaks often with several J6 detainees, reports Toranto was placed in the C2A “Patriot Pod” today.

Hawley further reports Taranto received “a very frosty welcome” from longtime January 6 detainees, who say Taranto has been segregated from the general population — placed in solitary and under the watchful eye of a guard who is “trying to protect him.”

J6er Jonathan Mellis, who recently pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge, tells Hawley that supervisory corrections officers escorted Taranto into the pod and a very tense atmosphere.

“The officers locked him in his cell even though everyone was having pod recreation,” Mellis explains, “It’s clear that nobody likes him. He is not a patriot. We will never accept him.”

“The officers say he will be moved out of this pod and that he will remain in his locked cell until then,” Mellis adds.

Jonathan Mellis has been incarcerated since February 2021.

While questions about Taranto’s alleged threats against Obama and others multiply, it’s increasingly obvious the J6 community has zero interest in associating with the 37-year-old man who was arrested with two guns and 400 rounds of ammunition in his van.

Now in pretrial detainment, Taranto continues to be shunned.


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