J6 Defendant Sentenced to Extra Time for Taking the Stand to Defend Himself

January 6 defendant Chris Alberts, who conceal carried during the Capitol riot to “protect his life,” would have only served three years in a federal penitentiary if he would have pled guilty.

Instead, Judge Christopher Cooper sentenced Alberts to 7 years in prison on July 19 for possession of a gun on the Capitol grounds and allegedly assaulting police officers.

“In this country, you cannot make your voice heard with a gun. That’s not what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution,” Judge Cooper admonished moments before he sentenced Alberts to nearly a decade in prison. “There is no Second Amendment right to bring a gun to the Capitol. You may think that constraint is unconstitutional but you can constitute that with the Supreme Court.”

Prosecutors manipulated Alberts’ sentencing range by adding almost a half dozen “terror enhancements.”

Cooper insisted there is no discrepancy between his adjudication of radical left-wing extremists who break the law during protests and Capitol rioters.

“There were Antifa and Black Lives Matters protests around the country following George Floyd. Most of them were peaceful,” the judge said. “There have been about 300 federal prosecutions of Antifa for arson, illegal gun possession, and civil disorder. If when Antifa, Black Lives Matter come before me, I’ll be sentencing the same.”

Cooper, whose wife is a federal prosecutor, sided with the government’s sentencing recommendations, adding two or three years to Alberts’ guideline range by piling on numerous enhancements.

Alberts, who served six years in the  National Guard including a deployment to Iraq, maintains law enforcement officials’ overwhelming use of lethal force against peaceful demonstrators, particularly children and the elderly, during the January 6 protest warranted self-defense.

“I went there to the protest on Jan. 6 to watch over the crowd, provide medical assistance if necessary and make my voice heard. Everything was fine, dandy and peaceful until around 1:15 in the afternoon when the DC police started just unleashing munitions in the crowd,” Alberts told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview hours after he was sentenced to 84 months.

“When I got to the Capitol, Benjamin Phillips was already on the ground, not getting proper medical care. I tried to offer aid but I was told by Officer C Atkinson to help with crowd control and that’s exactly what I did so,”

While the corporate press incessantly smears J6 defendants, the mainstream media never airs images of all the children on the Capitol grounds that day who could have been injured by tear gas or killed by police with rubber bullets, Alberts argued.

“I definitely thought people were gonna die,” he said. “I wasn’t so much in fear for my life, yet at that point, but I was definitely worried about elderly people and kids you know, possibly getting trampled, elderly people choking on the gases. CS Gas isn’t allowed in wartime but yet we’re allowed to use it on American citizens. It’s pretty messed up. There were kids of all ages there.”

“I tried to help multiple people who were shot by police, multiple people who got sprayed. It was just an all-out mirage of attack from the cops. But it seems like the use of deadly force is justified when it’s against Trump supporters.  I saw police push Derek Varga off a 30-foot wall and other people get shot, sprayed and beaten. It was a very chaotic — according to the government, I was just supposed to turn around and leave when people were being assaulted.”


Alberts intends to settle his dispute over the Second Amendment and intrastate conceal carry in the Supreme Court.

“My life is worth protecting. Our Second Amendment right guarantees us that the government is not allowed to make any laws that infringe on your right to keep and bear arms,” he said. “I was well within my constitutional rights to carry my firearm that day, whether DC likes the Second Amendment or not.”

“The government said I crossed state lines, DC is not a state. I live in Maryland. I was in my own state the whole time. DC is not a state. DC does not have any right to take away your rights because they say so. Territories are protected under a constitution. ‘Keep’ and ‘bear’ are two separate words with two separate definitions: ‘Keep’ is for your home ‘bearer’ is to cover everywhere else.”

Trump supporters showed up to the Capitol in bullet vests and protective gear in preparation for attacks by violet Antifa activists who persistently assault patriots and continue to send him death threats, Alberts argued.

“There are people who hate us and want to kill us. The comments I get on my stories are insane. I get people sending me death threats and telling me I should kill myself all the time.  I’ve had bomb dogs at my house — this is not cool.  Patriots and conservatives don’t go to Supreme Court justice’s houses and try to break in and kill them – that’s the left. They’re allowed to do it. None of them face these heavy sentences after what they’ve done.”

“According to the judge. I didn’t have a First Amendment. I know the Second Amendment. I don’t have a right to self-defense and I don’t have a right to self-defense of others. So there goes any argument any arguments you can have in court.”

As Alberts contemplated the prospects of spending the next 84 months in prison, the same questions keep running through his mind.

“How am I going to be there and not see my family for that long? How is my fiance’s gonna be able to handle it? How am I going to make sure she’s okay? I’m trying to get everything in order to spend some time with family members and the people I love,” he said. 

In an exclusive interview with TGP, Defense attorney Roger Roots, Alberts’ lawyer warns federal judges are handing J6 defendants longer sentences for taking the stand in addition to subjecting J6ers unprecedented “terror enhancements”:

This ruling is very dangerous.  This threatens to chill future defendants from taking the stand.

Alberts was convicted of assaulting a federal officer — a crime that is already drastically enhanced from a misdemeanor “simple” assault. But then prosecutors and probation officers and ultimately, Judge Cooper “enhanced” Alberts’ sentence by holding Alberts had an ‘official victim,'” Roots told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview. “And then Judge Coopers further enhanced Alberts’ sentence by holding Alberts’ assault was aggravated assault because it was committed with intent to commit another felony. The felony “resisting officers” are essentially the same exact crime.

But the most outrageous enhancement was for “lying on the stand.” Among other things, the judge found Alberts lied on the stand by testifying he hadn’t seen any “restricted” signs, despite a Capitol police officer saying there were lots of signs around the Capitol on J6. Prosecutors produced no evidence that any signs were directly in Alberts’ path on J6.

And Judge Cooper held that Alberts’ testimony was false when he said his bungee cords in his backpack were left in his backpack at all times.

The “enhancements” punished Alberts by doubling or even tripling his guideline range.

Alberts was arrested on the evening of Jan. 6 when he was attempting to leave the Capitol grounds after police officers noticed a handgun in his holster.  He is one of 55 people arrested on Jan. 6.

In April, Alberts was found guilty of nine charges related to his participation in the insurrection including assaulting police officers and carrying a firearm on Capitol grounds. According to federal prosecutors, Alberts charged Capitol Police officers who were defending the Capitol steps with a wooden pallet. As well as carrying a firearm, Alberts wore metal-plated body armor and carried a gas mask. Prosecutors said Alberts urinated on the side of the Capitol Building and threw a bottle at police.

“There were no bathrooms anywhere!” Roots contend.

Roots and John Pierce, the founder of the National Constitutional Law Union, were the first of several lawyers to provide adequate representation when no one else would, Alberts noted.

“My first attorney took $20,000 for me and it gave me absolutely nothing, and the public defender was completely useless, basically agreed with the government, ‘the Constitution doesn’t exist and you don’t have any rights.’ Five attorneys later, I found the NCLU through Condemned USA founder Trennis Evans. That’s where I landed on Roger Roots and John Pierce.

“I have a $100,000 lawyer bill and I still have to go to appeals and God-willing the Supreme Court. I will be paying it off for the rest of my life. If people want their rights to actually exist in this country and not set a precedent for the government to just disarm you whenever they feel like you might you might want to donate to me and save America.”

Alberts also thanked TGP for remaining one of the few publications to provide J6 defendants and political prisoners a platform to tell their side of the story:

It’s the same single story on every different media outlet. They take one story and run with it across the country and make me out to look like the worst person ever. I’ve reached out to Glenn Beck I’ve reached out to Dan Bongino because they have a huge following and they’re starting to really wake up to the J6 stuff and the fact that people are still sitting in jail rotting and not being able to see their families. So I was hoping one day to be able to talk to them.

Gateway Pundit is definitely been the one place that has helped me the most. 

Albert’s fiance, Melissa Miller, is in school to become a paralegal and fight spend the rest of her life fighting for innocent defendants after witnessing through the love of her life and scores of J6ers get railroaded by the activist federal judges who are legislating from the bench.

The police and patriots were strategically and deliberately “pinned against each other” during the Capitol riot, Miller told TGP in an exclusive interview:

The police and the protesters were intentionally pinned on each other that day, and we will never have peace or justice until the people who essentially left both parties to their demise and have not accepted any accountability for you know, not properly securing it knowing that there were multiple permitted protests that day. Then there were some shit stirrers and antagonists. We knew that all of these people were going to be present. The government admits there were many plainclothes informants and agitators within the crowd — police have admitted this. All these deaths, all the suicides on both sides of the fence, all of their families deserve peace and knowing what really happened that day.

My goal is to help people that have been taken advantage of or who haven’t been able to fight to properly defend themselves due to financial circumstances you know. It’s tough economically for everybody right now.  We’ve all faced financial ruin, and people need help. unfortunately, even with the bar system in our country, if attorneys don’t abide by the bars rules, then they can face disbarrment and the reckoning of their careers. I just want to be able to help people of all colors, races, creeds, and religions, being able to have a chance to fight for the liberty and justice that is their birthright in this country.  America also views even if there are illegal immigrants or anything they once they get to our country, they are able to observe those same rights.

J6ers are people like Chris who have fought for our country. I was going to college when Chris was fighting for our country — that’s a very brave thing. That’s not something that can be necessarily something trained.”They fear them because at the end of the day, the federal government is who trained them. they intentionally mentally break these men and women down and rebuild them in their image to fight their wars.

I’m about halfway through my paralegal courses. And then I joined the county elections and was appointed Chief Judge without ever having to do them before.

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