Geraldo Rivera Gets Mocked After Announcing He’s Going on “The View”

Just when you thought Geraldo Rivera was completely done he emerges from the ashes.

As previously reported, Rivera rage quit Fox News after getting canned from “The Five.” He made the announcement form his boat in New York.

Unfortunately, the former Fox News host revealed that his next move was not permanent retirement but rather a return to the airwaves, at least for one day.

On Monday, Rivera announced that he would be sitting down with the View’s clucking hens on Thursday presumably to bash conservatives and his former employer. He was excited about the invite.

Delighted to do @TheView Thursday. Wonder what they’ll ask me about.

Twitter users responded to the announcement by blowing up the former Fox News host. Some even wondered if he would be soon signing a contract with the View.

He would fit in perfectly with these clowns as one Twitter user noted.


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