Freedom Behind the Fence: Independence Day in Maximum Security Prison – An Update from J6er Pete Schwartz


My name is Pete Schwartz. I am a Jan.6th Political Prisoner. The Mainstream Media and the Liberal talking heads have repeatedly bragged about my guilty verdict and the length of my sentence. They parrot lines like, “Even though Mr. Schwartz’s mace never actually hit anybody, it heightened the danger that day.” There is no mention of how severely my wife and I were attacked prior to this, or of the fact that, once people started breaking windows and entering the Capitol, we went home.

And now, 2 and 1/2 years into a 14-year, 2 month sentence, July 4th, Independence Day, is bittersweet–a holiday I once loved.

I know my fellow Americans, including ones who used to be supportive of me before learning the length of my sentence, are joyously celebrating the holiday with family and friends. I’m here in USP Canaan, one of the most violent and dangerous prisons in the United States, while people celebrate their personal freedom in a country, which is holding citizens as political prisoners, on its own soil.

Thankfully, most citizens will never know what it’s like to experience a Maximum Security Penitentiary, whether they stood up for freedom or not. Having been sent here from D.C.’s Gulag a month ago, it hasn’t taken long to get the idea of what I’m in for. A guard was stabbed here over 100 times, and the place was on lockdown because of a different stabbing when I arrived. The very next day, as we were coming off of lockdown, it was only an hour before there was another stabbing and a drug overdose… so back  we went, again, on lockdown. Whatever “heightened danger” the mace I used to defend my wife and I, on January 6, would not be enough to defend myself here, in a place like this. The danger is constant, and the things that happen here are unspeakable.

** Please give:

I have more than 2 dozen, solid, legally correct and sound issues that could overturn my illegitimate conviction and free me, but, in addition to the constant danger here, I’m still struggling to figure out how I’m going to finance the very expensive appellate process. I have 4 counts of Assault w/Deadly Weapon (mace), but zero victims. I didn’t actually mace anybody. My most serious charge was for ‘Obstructing an Official Proceeding’, yet I left when people entered the building;  I never intended to disrupt anything. I even received an additional 10 years for ‘Disrupting Interstate Commerce’ because Safeway closed (as per the curfew Murial Bowser imposed that day), 3 hours after I’d left. . . and numerous other fabricated ‘offenses’. I’ve had 5 fraudulent, predatorial lawyers (such as John Pierce, the guy who ripped off Kyle Rittenhouse), before I found the good ones that I have now. I finally have legal help, but I need America’s help.

I did some military service after my high school days, and I’ve taken up for the underdog my entire life. And, when I got caught up in a government entrapment scheme, on January 6th, I didn’t hesitate to jump in to my fellow American’s defense. I’d give my life for my country’s freedom. Would you be willing to donate the cost of a July 4th cookout, for mine?

My own, personal Independence Day is on Easter Sunday, because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. If we’re to have an Independence Day as a nation, people need to help me, and others, in this fight for taking our country back. God bless us all.

Pete Schwartz
Political Prisoner


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