Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Calls George Soros an “American and Patriot” (Video)

During a recent House Committee Hearing, Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas came to the defense of billionaire George Soros.

Lee defended Soros after several Republicans during the hearing called out George Soros for funding Democrat DAs across the country.

The Democrat congresswoman from Texas responded to her colleagues by claiming they are “jeopardizing Soros’s life” by making accusatory commentary.

She continued by saying Mr. Soros is an “American and a patriot.”


As The Gateway Pundit previously reported on several occasions, billionaire philanthropist George Soros has funded dozens of democrat DAs across the United States through his various non-profit foundations.

One of the DAs backed by Soros is Alvin Bragg the DA overseeing Trump’s Stormy Daniel’s hush money case.

Earlier in the week, Rep. Lee made headlines once again for admitting she only got into college due to affirmative action.



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