Scale of Bidens’ Illegal Payment Scandal Triples Overnight

When the emperor wears no clothes, those who praise his regal attire attempt to bury the truth with rags of lies. Joe Biden is the would-be emperor. Those who praise him seek to bury the truth to maintain a false reality. But will they risk standing naked in front of the truth along with the emperor?

GOP-led House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer doesn’t think so. In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News, the congressman from Kentucky claimed that “$20-30 million in illicit payments [have been] made to the Biden Crime Family.”

If this is true — or even if it is probably true — mainstream media, deep state bureaucrats, and whoever else seeks to cover for Biden at the expense of Donald Trump will sooner or later either have to put down their swords or fall on them.

Citizen Free Press posted Comer’s Fox interview with the caption, “James Comer expects to uncover $20-30 million in illicit payments made to the Biden Crime Family.” That’s up to triple the amount claimed earlier by the GOP panel.

“If this is all true,” Bartiromo asked Comer, “about a sitting president when he was vice president influence peddling, accepting money from foreign nationals, so that he could turn around and make changes in policy for America, so he could pocket the money, if that’s true, why isn’t he impeached already?”

The short answer is that it has yet to be proven to be true. Comer, Sen. Chuck Grassley and company are working on it. But it’s not as easy as it should be. The FBI, to understate the matter, is not being forthright.

Bartiromo continued, “And if it’s true that the FBI is doing nothing about it, why isn’t Christopher Wray on his heels as well?”

The assertion that “the FBI is doing nothing about it” is demonstrably not true. The FBI has been actively working to stall the House Oversight Committee by refusing to hand over documentary evidence.

Comer responded to Bartiromo’s second question by telling her Wray is not in control of the FBI. “One thing that I’ve learned from dealing with Grassley’s whistleblowers is that this is an organization in disarray,” Comer said. “No one has confidence in leadership at the top. You have bureaucrats, deep state bureaucrats, who are running the show. They’re partisan. They want to get Donald Trump. They don’t care what Joe Biden does because Joe Biden can be controlled.”

I like James Comer. He tells it like it is. That’s rare for a politician.

For anyone with eyes to see, it has been plain for some time now that Joe Biden is not calling the shots at the White House. There’s plenty of speculation about George Soros, Davos and China, but the only clear thing is the deep state is real, they are in control, and they are deathly afraid of Donald Trump.

The evidence for this is clear and compelling. The Russian collusion hoax. Two impeachments. The Hunter Biden laptop scandal. The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. The list continues to grow.

And to further their cause, the deep state — and this includes mainstream media — is providing cover for Joe Biden. At least for now.

As far as the deep state is concerned, Joe Biden is no more than a “useful idiot.” Lenin reputedly coined the term to label Western intellectual defenders of Communism. Biden is no intellectual, but he thinks he is — just like the thousands of leftist ideologues dug in deep at our universities and government offices. Idiots have a bad habit of eating their own.

Comer knows this. And he’s happy to let them do it. That’s why he told Bartiromo that his investigation is following the money and that’s what it will continue to do. He’s going after bank records and other concrete information related to funds being transferred from foreign nationals and other countries into Biden accounts. Money talks.

Comer told Bartiromo, “This is going to be hard for Joe Biden to explain, and it’s not going to go away, and I think eventually the mainstream media will turn on Joe Biden and start asking the real questions.”

When will the reckoning happen? It depends on what hard evidence Comer and company can come up with. The left are masters of the smoke screen, but a good bloodhound can sniff through the smoke. Comer appears confident that he can and will uncover “$20-30 million in illicit payments made to the Biden Crime Family.” Time will tell.

Whatever the case, Emperor Biden is looking more and more like a naked old man shivering under a cold light. Why else would he snap at a reporter asking him about his alleged Ukrainian bribery scheme with, “Why do you ask such a dumb question?” In another instance, Biden responded with, “Where’s the money?” when confronted about the alleged bribery schemes.

“Where’s the money?” That’s what Comer wants to know. And he’s determined to sniff it out.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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