Project Veritas Shows NYC Mayor Adams Exporting Migrant Crisis to Small-Town NY, calls it “Decompression Strategy”

Far-Left NYC Mayor Eric Adams has dealt with the ongoing immigration crisis by giving luxury hotel rooms to illegal immigrants flooding into Gotham City. 

But even in 8.5 million New York, the NY Post is reporting that 1,000 migrants are arriving each and every day.

To the mainstream press, Mayor Adams refers to these illegals as ‘integral’ to the city.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams

In private, dishonest leftist Adams is buying out entire hotels for millions in illegal arrangements to export them to the New York suburbs and small-towns. Privately Adams refers to this arrangement as his “decompression strategy.”

Project Veritas obtained video of local officials explaining that the only reason the local governments are currently opposing this effort, is BECAUSE THEY AREN’T IN ON THE STEAL.

Local official admits to an undercover camera, “If Rockland County was getting a piece of the pie, they wouldn’t have sent inspectors out.”

Project Veritas Reporter James Lalino asks “How many other cities and counties are taking the bait on the taxpayer’s dime?”


NYC Mayor Adams made a deal with hotel owner 30 miles north to take the immigrants that New York City doesn’t find ‘integral’ to elite big city liberals.

In court filings, the County of Rockland alleges as a factual matter that Town Supervisor Teresa Kenny was personally called by NYC Mayor Adams and told that this program was his “decompression strategy” and would last at least four months.

The owner of the Armoni Inn & Suites Ashok Bhatt was paid over $6 million in taxpayer dollars per year to buy out his entire hotel of 171 rooms in Orangetown, New York. The local government of Rockland County has sued Adams alleging that the new facility is no longer operating as a hotel. 

interior of the Armoni Inn & Suites

Illegal immigrants get free room and board, and three meals a day. On video, Project Veritas even confirmed that hungry illegals even “get access to snacks” between meals.

Other left-wing cities like Chicago have run the same routine, putting illegals in hotels, even in luxury hotels. But here, the local government is fighting back, utilizing code enforcement to try and shut the hotel down for a variety of minor violations, now coming into court to prevent the corrupt arrangement from continuing.

Most explosively, Project Veritas has a local official, Martin Uli who is the Assistant Court Attorney in Rockland County, saying about this corrupt arrangement, on camera:

“Basically, the county of Rockland is just trying to keep them shut down because they don’t want them to operate.  So, the hotel is saying that, ‘There’s really no reason because it’s illegal for us to operate as anything other than a hotel,’ and they’re [Rockland County] just like, finding health violations.  Loose nails.  Stuff like that.”

Uli continues:

“…they’re trying to turn it into a homeless shelter, like a migrant facility, and under zoning laws you can’t turn it into anything other than a hotel.”

The average hotel stay at the hotel is $72 according to TripAdvisor, yet NYC Mayor Adams rented out the entire hotel for 50% above market value to give free room and board to illegal immigrants.

In December 2022 there were an estimated 68,884 homeless in New York. New York City has some of the highest rents in the country, averaging $3,500 per month for a studio apartment. New York State has the third-highest taxes in the country. High taxes are causing productive, hard-working American citizens to flee the state.

The NY Post reported that homeless Americans are being displaced to make room for illegal immigrants in some of these hotels.


The Project Veritas team also has, on video, a statement from the local official saying that the same thing is happening in Utica, New York but that, “Utica doesn’t care” – once again capturing the way in which local officials betray their own constituents and voters in favor of elite left-wing policy proposals.

Project Veritas published the lease agreement showing the arrangement between New York City and the hotel owner.

Project Veritas went through a major transition in February when its founder, James O’Keefe, was temporarily suspended for financial waste and for how he treated staffers at the investigative journalism organization. O’Keefe went on to found O’Keefe Media Group. Project Veritas last week announced that Hannah Giles, who developed and broke the 2009 ACORN story with O’Keefe that started Project Veritas, was named as the new CEO.

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