‘The President with No Brain Thinks We’re Building an Ocean Train” – Greg Gutfeld Burns Joe Biden Alive for Three Minutes Straight in “Hilarious” Monologue (VIDEO)

Credit: Fox News

Joe Biden has had even worse month than usual when it comes to showcasing his “mental acuity.” One can also say he is creepier than ever as well.

Greg Gutfeld on Friday night gave us all brutal reminder why in what Redstate.com describes as a “hilarious” monologue. Gutfeld brutally mocks Biden for over three minutes straight.

Subjects worthy of Gutfeld’s ridicule include Biden creeping on Eva Longoria, talking about building non-existent ocean trains, letting trans pervs on the White House lawn and his family’s corruption.

WATCH (Tune to the 6:30 mark)

Relevant transcript:

The president with no brain thinks we’re building an ocean train. It’s true, old Joe came up with an ingenious transportation plan this week. My god, I hope it’s not plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean.

(clips shows Biden saying exactly this)

Get in trouble. Once again the president says out loud that other people are in charge. So a train across the Indian Ocean. What’s next? An elevator to Narnia? An escalator to Candyland? A beanstalk to Tyrus’ house?

Meantime, you better not ask him about his family’s wheeling and dealing with supermodels when they run out of Greg.

(clip shows Biden snapping at reporter for asking him why he is referred to as the “Big Guy”)

Well, someone is doing their best Trump impression (writer’s note: Biden’s behavior is far worse) because I was old enough to remember when that behavior was considered hateful.

Later in the evening, Biden held a screening of Eva Longoria’s new movie Flaming Hot. I was really disappointed by the misleading title. Turns out it’s not about Natalie from Facts of Life. She’s still alive, I’m just saying the character doesn’t exist.

Anyway, the audience on the White House lawn featured many Hispanics, and to Joe’s dismay, they weren’t there to mow the grass. I know, I know. He’s a racist. On the bright side, no man flashed his breasts.

I wonder if Joe knows Eva for a long time.

(Plays video of Biden claiming he’s known Eva Longoria since she was 17 and he was 40)

Ehh, I didn’t know Eva Longoria was 70. And then later, he went in for a hug that he held a little too long. It’s probably payback for Dr. Jill slapping tongues with Doug Emhoff.

But Eva had to remove his liver-spotted hands from her taut torso, and it’s not his fault, he thought she was an ice cream cone.

Meanwhile, North Carolina focus groups show swing voters are concerned by his advanced age…They feel exhausted and without confidence whenever they see him mumble nonsense or fall flat on his face.

While we all are rightfully angry at Biden for running America into the ground, Saul Alinsky once said that ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

There are few, if any, individuals in America more worthy of ridicule than Joe Biden.


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