“I Didn’t Give Borrowers False Hope!” – Joe Biden Snaps at Reporter After Supreme Court Strikes Down His Student Loan Bailout Plan (VIDEO)

The US Supreme Court on Friday destroyed Joe Biden’s unconstitutional student loan bailout program.

Recall, in a gimmick to drum up support from Gen Z and Millennial voters, Joe Biden promised to erase their student loan debt.

Biden KNEW he did not have the executive power to erase student loan debt.

Biden KNEW he needed Congress.

In fact, Congress soundly rejected Biden’s student loan bailout program.

Joe Biden gave millions of young borrowers false hope leading up to the 2022 midterms.

A reporter called him out for his cruel lies.

“Why did you give millions of borrowers false hope?” a reporter asked Joe Biden. “You doubted your own authority in the past.”

Biden snapped at the reporter.

“I didn’t give any false hope! But the Republicans snatched away the hope that they were given…and it’s real, real hope!” Biden said.


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