Glamour Magazine Features Pregnant Transgender ‘Man’ On Cover For Pride Month

The Biden administration with the World Health Organization, Hollywood and “woke” corporations and Hollywood are hellbent on suffocating the public with an all-encompassing campaign to pervert nature despite massive public backlash.

Target’s stocks continue to plummet after the retail giant audaciously marketed products by the satanic brand Abprallen, tuck-friendly swimwear and chest binders, “gender fluid” mugs and “queer all year” calendars alongside books for children titled “Bye Bye, Binary,” “Pride 1,2,3,” “I’m not a girl.” Widespread backlash over the demonic-themed pride promotion for children resulted in a whopping $13 billion dollar drop in Target’s market value within a week.

Bud Light sales are reportedly down nearly 30 percent compared to last year after a boycott in response to its partnership with a transgender influencer.

But the corporate machine continues to ramp up its effort to normalize and desensitize us to the “pangender” and “non-binary” propaganda.

On Thursday, Glamour UK unveiled its June Pride digital issue, featuring a pregnant transgender man on the cover. 

The star on the cover, author Logan Brown, a biological female “born in the wrong body,” describes how she became pregnant with her partner Baily J Mills and her pregnancy journey as a “transgender man,” in the Pride edition of the fashion magazine. Her partner, Bailey J. Mills, is a biological male and “legendary non-binary drag performer” in the UK.

Brown is topless in the cover photo, donning nothing but body paint.


“The powerful imagery shows Logan in a hand-painted suit, reminiscent of Demi Moore’s Vanity Fair cover by Annie Leibowitz in 1992,” the Independent reports.

Brown boasts in the interview about defying science, noting that he is “living proof of a pregnant transgender man.”

“I am a transgender pregnant man and I do exist, so no matter what anybody says, I literally am living proof,” she told the fashion magazine.

The 27-year-old dysmorphic woman said her “whole world stopped” when found out she was pregnant shortly after she took a break from taking testosterone.


“It took me ages to get to this point of being confident of who I am now, in being a pregnant man,” he said. “I spent so much time feeling shame [about being pregnant as a man] and something clicked and I thought ‘No I’m going to own this, I’m a pregnant man’ and we’re going to do what we’re doing.”

Brown is currently authoring a children’s book titled In My Daddy’s Belly. The book will be based on her daughter’s experience of having a transgender “father”

“I think it’s important for my daughter to read this book to know about where she comes from and feel proud about it,” he said.

Glamour’s European Editorial Director Deborah Joseph championed Brown as “a shining example of empowerment, inclusivity and equality.”

“When we first met Logan and heard his incredible story, we were blown away by his strength and courage. We knew he would be the perfect cover star for our June Pride issue,” Joseph said. “Logan and his partner Bailey bringing their beautiful baby into the world is a story of love and acceptance; things that we are sadly often reminded that the world could use a little more of.”

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