DeSantis War Room Twitter Page Posts Video That Uses Fake AI-Generated Images of President Trump Hugging Dr. Fauci

This is going to be the wildest election season in our nation’s history:

  • The former President of the United States and front runner for the Republican nomination is being investigated by a DOJ led by his likely competitor in the 2024 General Election.
  • The closest Republican competitor was greatly aided by the endorsement from President Trump to help win his gubernatorial election in 2018.
  • The Democratic incumbent has a viable challenger but will reportedly not engage in a debate.

But despite all of the controversy surrounding this already in full-swing election, this is perhaps Pandora’s box:

The use of Artificial Intelligence to mislead voters.

On June 5th, the Twitter page “DeSantis Warroom,” which dubs itself “Rapid Response for Ron DeSantis,” posted a 43 second clip comparing “Reality TV Trump” to “Real Life Trump”.  In the clip, they show Trump “firing” people on his former TV show, “The Apprentice,” before transitioning to Trump discussing why he couldn’t fire Dr. Fauci.  They posted a collage of photos of President Trump with Dr. Fauci.  In three of the photos, President Trump is actually hugging Fauci.

But three of the six photos are fake, according to analysis by AFP.

The three AI-generated images do not return results in a Google images search, according to AFP.

In one of the photos, you can see the White House placard in the background with the letters “EHTHAP” where it should say “THE WHITE HOUSE” (or portions of it).

The Verge also noted other signs the photos are AI-generated “include glossy and blurred textures (particularly in the hair and flesh of the two men), physically unrealistic poses (particularly in the top-left image), and an inaccurate reproduction of the White House press briefing room and its decorations.”

Neither of Ron DeSantis’s Twitter pages, official nor personal, have condemned the fake images used in the clip.  DeSantis’s “Rapid Response Director,” Christina Pushaw, actually re-tweeted the 43 second clip from “DeSantis Warroom” (which she seems to run) as well as the mock photo below from President Trump’s Truth Social page, however, she has not condemned the use of AI-generated images in the DeSantis Warroom video.

This is a very dangerous precedent to set in the era of highly-controversial artificial intelligence and should have been condemned immediately by the DeSantis camp, rather than re-tweeted.

Buckle up, America.  This is going to be a wild election season.

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