JUST IN: Texas Army Sgt. Who Killed BLM Protester in Self Defense During George Floyd Riots Sentenced to 25 YEARS in Prison By Radical Austin Judge

This is why they call Austin, Texas “San Francisco on the Brazos.”

The Daily Mail reported on Wednesday that a so-called judge named Clifford Brown ordered Sgt. Daniel Perry jailed for an insane 25 years.

Perry killed a deranged Black Lives Matter-Antifa protester named Garrett Foster in self-defense during the George Floyd riots in Austin in July 2020.

Actual rapists and murderers often get more lenient sentences than this!

This is exactly the sentence morally corrupt prosecutor Guillermo Gonzalez wanted. He claimed without evidence that Perry is “a loaded gun, ready to go off at any moment”

Cristina Laila reported last month that a corrupt far-left jury convicted this American hero of murder. Perry was previously indicted for murder in 2021.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that he intends to pardon Perry, but this is not a guarantee. As the Mail notes,the state constitution limits Abbott to a pardon only on the recommendation by the state Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Here are the cold hard facts proving that Perry is completely innocent (h/t Laila):

In the summer of 2020, police confirmed that two people fired shots during an fight in Austin between a motorist and a Black Lives Matter-Antifa protester. The protester was shot and killed during the altercation.

Police say that the man who was killed, Garrett Foster, was armed and confronted the vehicle — but was not the other person who fired shots (meaning Perry).

The Austin Police announced during a late-night press conference in July 2020 that Foster was carrying a rifle and may have approached the vehicle prior to the shooting.

Prior to being fatally shot, Garrett Foster said on camera that the “people who hate us” are “too big of p-ssies to actually do anything about it” when asked why he was carrying a rifle.

Laila captured a screenshot showing Foster in a posture Foster that looks like he was pointing a weapon at the driver.

Here is a side-by-side video showing Perry coming to a complete stop before defending himself against Foster and his fellow thugs.

Let’s all pray the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles has the courage to recommend Perry’s freedom and Abbott keeps his promise.


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