Denver Mayor Warns Illegal Surge Could Mean Cutting Services as More Than 250 Arrive Each Day


Denver residents are getting what they voted for.

On Tuesday, Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock declared an emergency activation to address the flood of illegals entering the United States because of Joe Biden’s broken border policy.  The city is facing upwards of 250 arrivals a day, largely because of Denver’s relatively easy access by bus from El Paso, Texas.

The US Border Patrol is under siege with the largest illegal migrant surge at the southern border in US history.

Joe Biden’s regime lifted Title 42 on Thursday and already, 700,000 to One Million illegals have assembled at the border ready to surge across the US southern border. Joe Biden has opened the borders to millions of illegal invaders.

22,000 apprehensions were recorded at the border near El Paso over the weekend.

Colorado Politics reports:

On Tuesday, Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock declared an emergency activation — his second in five months — to leverage federal resources to address the humanitarian crisis.

The city has spent nearly $16 million since December to support arriving immigrants. The federal government, Hancock said during a press conference Thursday, has reimbursed the city about $900,000. The influx illustrates the calamity that’s been unfolding at the U.S. border for years, a crisis that is spilling over into cities in America’s interior, including Denver, which is more than 600 miles from El Paso, Texas, the closest U.S. border.

City officials said the immigrants pick Denver because of El Paso’s relative proximity to Denver, at least in terms of being able to get to the city by bus with relative ease. Officials also noted that the bus fare to Denver is less expensive from West Texas to other places in the country. Organizations that support the immigrant community also highlight the resources and diversity in the community, as well as its status as a “sanctuary city,” as reasons attracting the immigrants to Denver.


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