Ashli Babbitt’s Grieving Mother Micki Witthoeft Was Swindled by a Grifter – Micki Needs Help to Continue Her Selfless Activism in Washington DC

Micki Witthoeft with a poster of her daughter Ashli Babbit who was killed in cold blood on January 6, 2021.

Freedom Corner started on August 1, 2022, when Micki Witthoeft, the mother of Ashli Babbitt, started holding the nightly vigil from 7 until 9 pm each night.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered by Lt. Michael Byrd of the United States Capitol Police, on January 6, 2021, in cold blood when he shot her without warning inside the US Capitol.

This Memorial Day is the first Ashli Babbitt Memorial Day Freedom March.

Supporters of the January 6th detainees at the D.C. Gulag will be marching in support of the political prisoners there, many of whom have had extensive military service. The march will start around 5 PM at Freedom Monument at the US Capitol and end at Freedom Corner at the D.C. Jail near the congressional cemetery. Then the nightly vigil will commence.

Now known to the January 6th community as “Mama Micki”, Michelle (Micki) Witthoeft started the nightly vigil after she said her daughter Ashli came to her in a dream and told her that if she were still alive that she would be in front of the D.C. Gulag supporting the January 6th Political Prisoners. That is when Micki Witthoeft made the decision to pull herself out of a long and devastating depression, suffered after the murder of her daughter on January 6th, and make sure that the world would remember her daughter’s name.

Many things have transpired over the past 9 months. Donald Trump has called into the vigil to support the effort personally. There has been a chart-topping song inspired by the men inside singing the National Anthem along with the Freedom Corner supporters every night at 9 o’clock. And the Freedom Corner Supporters have been attacked repeatedly by left-wing lunatics, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter supporters as D.C. Metro Police sat by and watched.

Micki Witthoeft herself was assaulted by a CTF Corrections Officer at the  D.C. Jail.  But none of those tactics or efforts will stop Ashli Babbitt’s mother’s mission.

That mission is not only a quest for justice for Ashli, whose murder has never been properly investigated and was covered up by the United States Capitol Police, but also for all those murdered or who suffered at the hands of a mob of a murderous Capitol and D.C. Metro Police officers on January 6th, including Rosanne Boyland, Benjamin Phillips, and Kevin Greeson.

US Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbitt

The vigil Micki and her team hold every night always shows respect for Officer Brian Sicknick, who died of natural causes on January 6th from what many believe to have been a lack of medical treatment for a sickness that lasted for hours after he started showing signs of illness. He later died of a stroke. He was a Trump supporter.

It is important to remember that Micki, like most Americans, was not very political in her daily life before January 6th, and when she started the vigil she had to rely on help from strangers to assist her with the logistics of holding a perpetual vigil in Downtown Washington D.C.

Micki started the vigil with the help of Randy Ireland, who had offered to help Micki with all aspects of the venture. That included finding travel and lodging accommodations, supplies for the vigil, etc.  Randy offered to take care of everything and at first that was OK with Micki, she was relieved she could focus on the nightly vigil and use her energy in other ways to spread her message.  She always hoped that Congress would open investigations into the murder of Ashli and the human and civil rights abuses of American citizens involved in the events of January 6th.

After a few months, it became apparent that, after many exhaustive and combative conversations between Randy Ireland and Micki (and other witnesses) that Randy was unable and/or unwilling to account for all or even part of the money he had raised under the nonprofit C.A.P.P. formed with Cara Castronuova previously to meeting Micki.

Randy and also had another website that he set up for Micki to take in donations for the vigil. Up to this day Randy Ireland has yet to account for nearly $30,000 or more raised from donations though

As a result Randy Ireland now has no associations with, Micki Witthoeft, or any of her team.  Ireland does not have any role with Micki whatsoever. Randy Ireland has been asked to never mention Ashli’s or Micki’s name in anything related to January 6th in promotion of himself or any fundraising activities he may currently be involved in or any in the future.

Cara Castronuova also had a similar experience with Ireland and has broken ties with him.

It appears to this author that Randy Ireland took advantage of a grieving mother and bilked her out of tens of thousands of dollars in donations.

Micki’s current team consists of:

Nicole Reffitt, the wife of the first January 6th defendant to go to trial and mother of Jackson Reffitt, whom the F.B.I. practically recruited to act as a special agent for the F.B.I. and spy on his father before and after January 6th. Nicole has also attended more January 6th trials than anyone else on Earth and continues to witness the Marxist judges violate the human, constitutional and civil rights of ALL January 6th defendants during the modern-day Maoist struggle sessions they call trials in the Elijah Perryman Federal Courthouse.

Tommy Tatum, the author of this story, who is a January 6th survivor and also was trapped beside Rosanne Boyland at the bottom of the pile near the entrance of the lower west terrace tunnel where  D.C. Metro cop Lila Morris bludgeoned Rosanne Boyland to death with a stick by striking her in the head after an 8-minute assault on her life.

Gary McBride, who has analyzed more than 8,000 hours of January 6th footage and has worked with many defense teams for J6ers and also worked as a technical advisor for most of the significant documentaries that tell the truth about January 6th. Gary’s work can be found on, Youtube, and Rumble.

Tammy Perryman, who is the wife of J6er Brian Jackson. Tammy helped start the Northern Neck Vigil and the vigil in Lewisburg, PA (where her husband Brian is being held). Tammy goes to Capitol Hill and helps with lobbying efforts the team engages in. On other days she goes to J6 trials to observe the proceedings and show support for J6ers.

As previously mentioned, the team does more than hold the nightly vigil, especially since January when the Republicans took back the majority in the House Of Representatives. Since opening up the “People’s House” back to the People the team goes to as many Congressional committee hearings as possible. The team has been to the Twitter File hearings, the F.B.I. whistleblower hearings, and Senate hearings with F.B.I. Director Chris Wray just to name a few.

Ivan Raiklin has become a priceless part of Micki’s team and has been instrumental in helping guide the rest of the team on how to navigate Capitol Hill and get the message in front of the right people.

While going to the hearings the team wears our Ashli/Rosanne January 6th T-Shirts. They all will tell you how powerful the t-shirts are and how angry it makes petty Democrats.

For example: One of Jaime Raskin’s aides recently yelled at Tommy Tatum in the restroom at the Rayburn Building exclaiming that he wishes he could shake the hand of Michael Byrd for murdering Ashli Babbitt. He then scoured away quickly and slithered down the hall where he made a similar comment as he passed Micki in the hallway. We responded very “delightfully” in both situations.

You can see the t-shirts here which came from a design at Dave Summrall’s (Dave is one of our biggest supporters and also a huge asset to the January 6th community.)

But it isn’t just the low-testosterone soy boys who work for the congresspeople that are irritated by the team’s presence, it is the elected democrats themselves. When the team is present in the committee hearings the Democrats can’t stop mentioning January 6th and the “Insurrectionists!” It all seems so very triggering to the infanticide party.

After going to Capitol Hill and Court the team eventually makes it to the D.C. Gulag to hold the nightly vigil from 7 til 9 where we play Christian and patriotic music, talk about what is happening in court from day to day, talk to the public about programs that are in place to help the J6ers and their families and take phone calls from the political prisoners themselves and talk about anything they want to tell the world.

At 9 o’clock, with live steamers streaming to 10’s of thousands the Freedom Corner Supporters and the patriots in jail sing that national anthem, a tradition born in the D.C. Gulag shortly after Biden Regime’s Gestapo, that some people call the F.B.I., started rounding up their political dissidents and throwing them in a dungeon to be tortured into taking ridiculous plea deals after being severely (politically) overcharged for their actions surrounding January 6th.

As the Freedom Corner supporters and the men inside the D.C. Gulag sing that national anthem untold thousands are also singing the national anthem along with them. Many upload recordings to social media sites with the hashtag #sing4freedom in what is becoming more and more of a cultural phenomenon with spontaneous versions of the J6 “national anthem” being heard at political events, concerts, and sporting events around the country.

All of this has not gone unnoticed by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and radical left-wing agitators in the D.C. area. Many show up and scream about anything and everything they can think of to disrupt Freedom Corner. The demons scream at Micki saying, “Ashli is worm food,” and “Ashli got what she deserved!”

The “counter protestors” show up early sometimes and draw pentagrams on the sidewalk where Freedom Corner participants stand during the vigil, they throw dog feces all around the area, they have even been caught on camera throwing rocks at the vigil supporters and the D.C. Police will not press charges.

In fact, the D.C. Metro Police have repeatedly sat back and allowed Antifa and BLM activists to physically assault Micki herself and do nothing.  On Mother’s Day of this year, I was assaulted by several known Antifa activists in front of the police. I was arrested two days later for defending Micki, myself, and the rest of the Freedom Corner activists.

Micki Witthoeft and TGP contributor and Newsmax talent Cara Castronuova

The vigil has become a central aspect for many J6ers and their families’ lives. Thousands watch the live stream every night to hear from their loved ones and also hear the national anthem being sung at 9 pm with the Patriots. We are constantly being told how important our presence on the corner is for everyone involved.

After the situation previously mentioned with Randy Ireland, Micki and the team have decided to stay away from any outside or third-party fundraisers in regard to soliciting donations to support the vigil.

** We are asking that all donations to support the vigil and the team be made at

To clarify, all donations go to support the continued presence of our dedicated team in Washington D.C. These expenses include lodging, gas, parking, and equipment and supplies for the vigil.

A message from Micki Witthoeft, Ashli Babbitt’s mother:

“My name is Micki Witthoeft. I am the proud mother of murdered American Airforce Veteran Ashli Babbitt. I have relocated from San Diego to Washington D.C. in pursuit of a real investigation into the events surrounding January 6th, the deaths of unarmed American citizens, and the persecution and cover up that continues to this day.  We have been blessed with support from the American citizens who find value in our activism.  We The People By The People!

Since being in D.C. two of our team members have been arrested and our car has been towed twice.  We need the support of the Patriots to remain strong in the face of adversity and to continue our fight.

** You can help support Micki Witthoeft and her team of supporters at Freedom Corner by following the link below:

You can also help support freedom corner by purchasing the Ashli Babbitt / Rosanne Boyland T-shirt as well as other merch below:

Ashli / Rosanne White J6 Women’s T-Shirt

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