BUSTED: Alleged Trump Supporter Who Crumpled Up Massive Anti-Trump Sign Outside Manhattan Courthouse Was Carrying Phone with a Satan Sticker – Another Likely Leftist Plant (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, a Trump supporter appeared to single-handedly destroy a career leftist anarchist and agitator and the media.  The incident occurred outside the Manhattan court where President Trump was arraigned on bogus charges by the Soros-backed DA Alvin Bragg.

This “Trump supporter” started shouting at the media with F-bombs during an apparent live broadcast. During her muckraking with the media, she took a moment to compliment someone filming on their nail polish.


The “MAGA woman” then took on a career leftist agitator who gets paid to create riots and has been a part of numerous events that have destroyed American cities, incurring millions in property damage and police injuries.

This “Trump supporter” shut down the career riot trainer and agitator.  There was a minor tussle.

The radical far-left agitator who the “Trump supporter” was involved with was Lisa Fithian, who makes a living creating unrest and riots.  The below video shows who she really is.

Here’s more on this anti-American radical anarchist who showed up outside the New York courthouse trying to create a riot.

BUSTED! Professional Riot Trainer and Anarchist is CAUGHT Trying To Capture Violent Reactions From Trump Supporters to Message on Banner in NYC [VIDEO]

At first, the “MAGA Woman” appeared to be a courageous Trump supporter inserting herself into the crowd and confronting the lies from the left.  But upon further review, there is something bizarre about this woman.  Internet sleuths discovered that a sticker on the phone the “MAGA Woman” carried appeared to say “Hail Satan.”

Here’s a closer view of the sticker:

Since we don’t know any Trump supporters who have “Hail Satan” stickers on their phones, we ask whether this woman was all part of a production created by anarchist Fithian in an effort to start a riot.  If it is, isn’t this a very serious crime?  Shouldn’t the Manhattan police investigate this potential crime that may have led to potential bloodshed?

Radical Fithian was shut down by “MAGA Woman,”  but was this all just another production likely financed by anti-American haters who hate President Trump and are out to destroy America?
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