Unhinged Climate Activists Vandalize Degas Sculpture in Washington D.C.

Image: @DecEmergency/Twitter


The Gateway Pundit has reported on the global rise of vandalism and public temper tantrums by unhinged climate activists.

In October 2022, two disturbed women from the activist group Just Stop Oil threw tomato soup over Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ on display at London’s National Gallery.  Thankfully the painting was protected by museum glass.

In June 2022, another pair from Just Stop Oil glued themselves to the frame of another Vincent Van Gogh painting.

In France, a 36-year-old man dressed as an old lady tried to break the glass protecting the famous Mona Lisa painting before throwing a cake on its surface.

Claude Monet’s ‘Les Meules,’ displayed at the Potsdam Barberini museum in Germany, was attacked by an alliance of German and Austrian activists,  Letzte Generation (Last Generation.)

In March, Letzte Generation also vandalized an artwork near the German parliament building.

On Thursday, vandals smeared black and red paint on the glass case and pedestal of Edgar Degas’ famous and beloved sculpture “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen” displayed at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

The New York Post reports:

The two protesters were hauled off by police inside the National Gallery of Art following their high-profile publicity stunt against artist Edgar Degas’ piece of art Thursday morning, according to footage posted on social media.

The museum had to close the gallery where “Little Dancer” was located, and adjacent rooms as the director of the National Gallery of Art, Kaywin Feldman slammed the two protesters.

“We unequivocally denounce this physical attack on one of our works of art and will continue to share information as it becomes available,” she said in a statement, also noting the FBI is helping in the probe.

The two rabble-rousers were identified as Joanna Smith, 53, of New York City and Tim Martin, 54, of North Carolina by climate group Declare Emergency, the Washington Post reported.

Video released by the group shows the pair initially using their hands to paint the pedestal with Smith seen painting an unhappy face. Then they escalated to smearing paint on the protective glass to the shock of others in the gallery.

Declare Action bragged about the disgusting behavior on Facebook sharing, “We are proud of everyone who was involved in this action! Thanks, Troy.”

On Twitter, Declare Action said, “Around 11 am today two parents who are terrified about their children’s’ futures (as well as all children) made a statement at the National Gallery in DC. Climate change will cause famine, floods, droughts and destruction unless we act now. #DecEmergency #ActOnClimate.”


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