Two Major Retailers, Including Office Depot, Closing in San Francisco

If it seems like big stores are fleeing Democrat-controlled cities on a weekly basis, it’s because they are.

The latest examples are in San Francisco, where Office Depot is closing a major location, along with a women’s clothing store called Anthropologie.

The reason for these latest closures are vague, but it’s probably safe to assume that it’s related to crime, drugs and theft.

San Franciscoist reports:

Anthropologie on Market Street Set to Close In May; Also, Downtown Office Depot

Two more major retail closures are hitting downtown, one of them sort of predictable and the other not.

The long-lived Anthropologie store at 880 Market Street, a few steps from the Powell Street cable car turnaround, is closing its doors as of May 13, so fans of the brand may want to run down there to check out what’s on clearance.

The store has been a fixture of the Union Square shopping district since around 2000, operating around the corner from sibling brand Urban Outfitters (80 Powell Street). But as SFGate reports, via an announcement on Anthropologie’s website, the Market Street location is set to close. The website directs customers instead to their Corte Madera or Berkeley locations, however, confusingly, the Chronicle seems to believe the Corte Madera location is closing as well…

As the Chronicle also reports, the Office Depot at 33 Third Street is closing as well — but that comes as no surprise, and will only be a great disappointment to downtown office managers in search of last-minute dry-erase markers.

Still, it ads to the growing raft of retail vacancies across downtown SF, contributing to “doom loop” fears.

Left wing cities are on their way to becoming retail deserts.

This hurts the poor more than anyone else.

The left doesn’t seem to care.



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