The Timing of Events in Soros-Backed DA Bragg Indictment of President Trump Invalidates the Entire Case

The timing of events in the Bragg indictment of President Trump makes no sense.  This alone should invalidate the bogus “crimes” against President Trump.

President Trump built a huge business before ever running for president in 2016.  He was a multi-billionaire with numerous businesses in his organization.

After President Trump won the 2016 election beating corrupt Hillary Clinton, and before his inauguration, President Trump signed a trust to put his businesses in and gave control of the trust to his sons, Eric and Don Jr.  This was a generous move that he didn’t have to take but he wanted to remove any conflicts of interest while he was President.

The BBC reported at the time:

US President-elect Donald Trump says he is handing over his business empire to his sons, Donald Jr and Eric.

He told a news conference he had formally given “complete and total” control to them in a bid to avoid conflicts of interest.

Mr Trump’s lawyer, Sheri Dillon said the President-elect had “isolated” himself from his businesses…

Speaking at Mr Trump’s first news conference since he was elected in November, Ms Dillon explained that all of the Trump Organization’s businesses would be transferred to a trust controlled by his sons and the chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, before Mr Trump takes power on 20 January.

“Together, Don, Eric, and Allen will have the authority to manage the Trump Organization and will make decisions for the duration of the presidency without any involvement whatsoever by President-elect Trump,” said Ms Dillon, whose firm Morgan, Lewis and Bockius has been instructed by Mr Trump to draw up a structure to keep his business interests separate.

Ms Dillon added that an ethics adviser would be appointed to the management board of the trust to oversee any potential conflicts of interest.

This past week, the corrupt Soros-backed DA in Manhattan and he Trump-hating gang of former Obama White House and Biden DOJ members, dropped a BS indictment against President Trump.  These people have no love for President Trump and no respect for the rule of law in the land.  If they did, they never would have put together this BS piece of work.

The indictment is BS for many reasons but one of the major reasons surrounds the charges themselves.  Bragg and his gang believe that the accounting activities itemized in the indictment are crimes.  But the activities all occurred after President Trump handed his multi-billion dollar organization over to the control of his sons.   

Below is the filing with the court where the corrupt Soros-backed DA Bragg claims that President Trump “made and caused a false entry in the business records of an enterprise”.

President Trump had nothing to do with these entries in his multi-billion dollar company.  This is lunacy.

None of these activities are crimes in the first place.

What a crock.

Donald J. Trump Indictment by Jim Hoft on Scribd

The idea that President Trump, the head of a multi-billion dollar entity had anything to do with the accounting entries in his organization is lunacy.  He never did and never will have anything to do with accounting entries in his organization.  That’s what accountants are for.

President Trump was not running his companies at the time of these events.  He had handed it over to the control of his sons.

President Trump is not an accountant and the Soros-backed and Obama/Biden-connected attorneys behind this case are not objective and fair-minded prosecutors and they certainly aren’t accountants either.

These people after President Trump are criminals involved in a conspiracy to overthrow our nation and interfere in the last and the next election. 

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