RFK Jr. Receives His First Endorsement From Elected Official

Since launching his presidential campaign on April 19th, endorsements for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have been trickling in each week.

Kennedy’s latest endorsement comes from one of his long-time friends New York City Council Member James Gennaro.

In a post made on Facebook, Genarro praised Kennedy for his prior environmental work in New York City.

Genarro continued to write about how Kennedy supported him when he first ran for office.

The New York City Council Member concluded his post by writing “I will support my longtime friend and colleague Bobby in his quest for the Democratic nomination for the presidency. I hope you will consider him as well.”

Gennaro’s endorsement of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is believed to be Kennedy’s first public endorsement from an elected official.

Per City & State NY

New York City Council Member James Gennaro endorsed Kennedy in a Facebook post on Saturday. Gennaro explained that the two had been friends since the early 1990s after working on City Council environmental legislation together. Gennaro, a Democrat, chairs the council’s environmental protection committee, and Kennedy is a longtime environmental justice advocate, most notably with the clean water nonprofit Riverkeeper.

“He has done more for the environment than anyone I know,” Gennaro wrote, “including me, and that’s saying something, if I may be so bold.”

Kennedy has fundraised for Gennaro’s campaigns throughout the years, and Gennaro said he went to Kennedy’s campaign launch event in Boston last week.

One of Kennedy’s biggest endorsements came from former Green Bay Packer’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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