Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls for Judges Who Sentenced J6 Protesters To Be Impeached (WATCH)

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has called for Republican House committees to impeach judges who sentenced January 6th protesters.

The Georgia congresswoman discussed the issue on Monday’s Steve Bannon’s War Room episode.

Greene said that after Republicans took back control of the House, there were so many problems that they did not know where to begin.

“Imagine that you’re a team of firefighters and you’re in the middle of a forest fire and you don’t know which area to tackle first. That’s how bad things are,” Greene said.

“So we get in a room and you pull out the list of what should we cut, where do we need to cut spending? You know, we have our five families meetings and we’ve been working very hard on the upcoming debt ceiling issue. And we’re putting out our list of things to negotiate on. Well, the list is so gigantic that it’s hard to even — it’s almost hard to — which ones do we pick and choose? And that is where things are so complicated,” Greene continued.

Greene explained, “the list of investigations on the Oversight Committee. We have the biggest staff in Congress for our Oversight Committee, but we need a staff almost five times bigger than that to really do what we need to get done.”

“Same with Judiciary. What they’re doing in New York is great. They’re exposing the horrific crime in Manhattan. And a George Soros radical communist DA that all he cares about is trying to affect the next 2024 presidential election. And thank God they’re up there doing that,” Greene added.

At this point, the congresswoman took aim at the judges who have been engaging in what many believe to be political persecution.

“You know, what else they need to be doing and on weaponization and so forth, is we need to be going after these federal judges that are persecuting people that walked around in the capitol on January 6th and pro-life prayer warriors at abortion clinics, and parents at school boards holding their school boards accountable,” Greene said.

“We should be impeaching those judges. So the gamut of all the things to take on is so big and wide. And it’s almost like we don’t have enough time to do it all,” Greene asserted.


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