Radical Far-Left Attorney Victoria J. B. Doyle Carried Sign Outside Mar-a-Lago Saying “F*ck Around, Find Out” and Hid Her Face – Is Quickly Outed Online

Brandon Straka from the Walk Away Foundation was at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday night, the night that Soros-backed corrupt Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg announced that he was going to indict President Trump.  While there, Straka ran into a real case – attorney Victoria J. B. Doyle.  

Attorney Doyle was outside Mar-a-Lago on Thursday evening the night that the far-left decided to indict President Trump on BS charges long after the statute of limitations.  She tried at times to hide her face but was unsuccessful.

Attorney Doyle works as special counsel at Akerman according to her LinkedIn account.  She is also a fan of Bill Gates:

Doyle was carrying a sign that said, “Fuck Around, Find Out”.

She told Brandan Straka that she was an attorney and President Trump “should be in prison” for “his many, many crimes”.

Doyle said that President Trump tried to bribe the Attorney General? in Georgia to find votes (which there is no information of whatsoever).

Doyle shared on January 6th President Trump incited an insurrection, a “violent act that resulted in the death of police officers…several Capitol police officers died”.  (There is absolutely no evidence of this whatsoever as well.)

She didn’t want to hear the truth from Brandan Straka who tried to tell her.

Doyle has a couple of tweets on her Twitter account that indicate her state of mind.  She tweeted F*ck Donald Trump.

She also tweeted out praise for drag shows with children which may be defined as child abuse in some states.  (We’d have to ask an attorney to find out.)

Victoria Doyle is not shy about her far left activism.

She was a true believer in the Mueller Special Counsel despite the fact that we all now know it was a setup to get Trump initiated and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

She also fumed when a female business owner held a fundraiser for President Trump.  Free speech is not allowed!

This ‘lawyer’ is unhinged as they come.

(I can confirm Attorney Doyle was outside Mar-a-Lago as I saw here carrying that same sign when I arrived that night.)

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