Fox News Host Asks RFK Jr. If He’s Afraid of Physical Threats

Fox News host Neil Cavuto interviewed Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Saturday afternoon.

In the interview, Cavuto and Kennedy discussed numerous topics such as Covid vaccines, lockdowns, wealth taxes, the Biden admin, Trump, and more.

Cavuto’s last question to end the interview was quite chilling.

The Fox News host told Kennedy when one decides to run for office, there are “physical risks as your father and uncle knew.”

Cavuto continued, “I don’t like to be morbid about these things, and I apologize in advance before even asking. What do you think of that?”

Kennedy would reply that he is fully aware of the risks, but he is not frightened by death — rather, he was frightened of losing his Constitutional rights.


As most of you know, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s father “Bobby” Kennedy, was assassinated shortly after he won both the California and South Carolina Democratic presidential primaries.

Robert Kennedy Jr. announced he was running for President on April 19th at the Boston Plaza in Boston, Massachusetts.

During his announcement, the fire alarm went off while he was exposing the CIA and the military industrial complex


Fire Alarm Goes Off As RFK Jr. Exposes Military Industrial Complex In Candidacy Announcement (VIDEO)


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