Disneyland Welcomes Children Of All Ages To Gay And Transgender ‘Pride Nite’

Disneyland is welcoming children of all ages to attend its first gay “Pride Nite” celebration, an after-hours event commemorating Pride Month.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and their friends will be dressed in “special attire” during a pride-themed parade in the Anaheim, California park.

The event billed “Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite” will include dance parties and access to rides in the theme park.

Tickets for Disneyland’s Pride Nite will cost $139 per person for those ages three and up and includes admission to Disneyland Park three hours prior to the pride party. Children younger than three are permitted free entry.


The  LGBTQAI2S+ Disney celebration coincides with Walt Disney Co.’s promotion of gay and transgender ideology in its content aimed at children.

In internal videos leaked last April, Disney creatives were exposed openly discussing plans to incorporate more gay, transgender and “gender-nonconforming” characters in its children’s programs and their commitment to creating more “queer stories.”

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney/AP Photo/Charles Krupa/Instagram;disneyparks/Disney Channel/YouTube

Disney employees are seen discussing the company’s openly “gay agenda” during an “all-hands” meeting, in videos published by journalist Christopher F. Rufo.

Disney’s Diversity and Inclusion Manager Vivia Ware instructs employees to ditch the words “ladies, gentleman, boys and girls” in its theme parks to prevent alienation of transgender kids, in another video.

Disney corporate president Karey Burke declared in another video that she intends to see at least 50 percent of Disney’s characters in the future identify as LGBT or a racial minority.

In the past year, Disney has created multiple transgender characters in its cartoons and made gay characters a focal point of its big-budget movies.

Its animated Disney+series Baymax features a transgender “man” who menstruates” and gives advice on which maxi pad to buy — “the one with wings.”


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