Democrats Are Mounting a Campaign to Delegitimize the U.S. Supreme Court

As we recently pointed out, Elizabeth Warren is still pressuring her party to pack the U.S. Supreme Court.

That is not a coincidence.

The liberal media has been busy for the last few weeks publishing story after story about ethics violations among the conservative justices on the court.

Full text from above:

Among the SCOTUS-related stories that major outlets have broken in the last few weeks:

– Washington Post discovered that Clarence Thomas has been declaring income from “Ginger Holdings LLC” instead of “Ginger Limited Partnership” since 2006.

– CNN discovered that a company Harlan Crow’s family had a minority interest in was involved in a case that SCOTUS declined to consider. Crow & his company had no involvement in the case.

– Politico discovered that Justice Gorsuch correctly declared the sale of his portion of an LLC that sold property to a partner at a law firm. That partner never met Gorsuch and is a big Dem donor.

– Business Insider discovered that Justice Roberts’ wife is a successful recruiter for major law firms. None of her recruits have ever argued before SCOTUS.

If you don’t realize this is an intentional and coordinated campaign aimed directly at delegitimizing the SCOTUS majority, I don’t know what to tell you.

Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are even calling for Chief Justice Roberts to testify at a hearing.

NBC News reports:

Judiciary Committee Dems call on Chief Justice Roberts to clarify Supreme Court ethics rules

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin and the panel’s other Democrats are calling on Chief Justice John Roberts to answer follow-up questions about ethics principles guiding the Supreme Court.

The senators said in a letter to Roberts on Thursday that a statement of principles that he attached to a letter to the committee this week is insufficient on its own.

“The statement of principles raises more questions than it resolves, and we request that you respond to several key questions,” they said, adding that Roberts’ answers would help the committee’s work on legislation to deal with the justices’ ethical obligations.

In the letter, Roberts declined to testify at a Judiciary Committee hearing next month about ethics rules governing the high court.

Senators on Thursday listed several questions that they want Roberts to answer by Monday, asking, for example, when justices subscribed to the Statement on Ethics Principles and Practice and if they previously followed a different version.

This is all part of a strategy.

Democrats see the Supreme Court as a roadblock to their goals, so they are bent on destroying its legitimacy.

Professor William Jacobson of the Legal Insurrection Blog is going so far as to call this a color revolution style attack:

“A full-blown Color Revolution-style attack on the US Supreme Court as an institution is now in its early stages”

“Color Revolution” is a term that has been around for a while and doesn’t have a single clear definition. But the term most famously was used as to the “Orange” Ukraine 2004 civil unrest that allegedly was manipulated by western intelligence agencies to topple a pro-Russia regime. A color revolution then, is a form of manipulated mass civil disobediance meant to accomplish regime change.

We saw it used against Trump after the 2016 election, where manipulated and hysterical claims of Russia collusion were used to attempt to paralyze the Trump administration under the umbrella of “The Resistance” – and it worked well in stymying many of Trump’s planned initiatives. It all was highly organized and manipulated. What has been happening in Israel regarding judicial reform also is a form of color revolution, where organized mass protests against the recently-elected right wing coalition led by Benjamin Netanyahu paralyzed the country, and even the military, all with the purpose of overthrowing the democratically elected goverment.

There also is a type of color revolution being waged against the Supreme Court now that it has a conservative majority.

The Democrats accused Trump of destroying our cherished norms. What do they call this?

This is a direct attack on the rule of law from the party that claims to be the protectors of democracy.


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