ULTRA MAGA PARTY Strikes Again – Destroys Godless Biden Regime and Their Persecution of Christians in America Today (VIDEO)

Above: Bannon and Christrian father Mark Houck who was arrested for praying at abortion clinics.

The corrupt and evil Biden gang is targeting Catholics, Christians, and conservatives in America today.  This is likely the change Obama promised us when he was in office.

As reported earlier today, AG Garland and the Head of the FBI Chris Wray are going after Christians.

Jim Jordan: FBI Is Infiltrating Catholic Parishes – Agents Engaging in Outreach with Catholic Clergy to Inform on Americans Practicing Their Christian Faith

CNS News reports on the Walter Reed Military Medical Center ending Catholic Services announced during Holy Week, the most important week in the Catholic calendar.

During Holy Week, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center issued a “cease and desist order” to Franciscan priests at Holy Name College, who had been providing religious services and ministering to the spiritual needs of the hospital’s Catholic patients.

On Monday, we learned that the FBI was infiltrating Catholic parishes in America to spy on the congregants – an unprecedented breach of First Amendment rights.

Jim Jordan: FBI Is Infiltrating Catholic Parishes – Agents Engaging in Outreach with Catholic Clergy to Inform on Americans Practicing Their Christian Faith

On Tuesday, Steve Bannon and Mike Davis discussed Biden’s war on Christianity on the War Room.  Bannon shared about how his family was involved in the creation of a Catholic Church in Richmond called St. Joseph’s:

Look, there are no conspiracies no coincidences. The Richmond field office, that parish, St. Joseph’s, my parents helped start that with a couple of Benedictine monks from over at the the Abbey of the prep school I went to. Father Adrian, a couple of others. When Pope John Paul II and Bishop Sullivan OKed the diocese to have a Latin at traditional Trident Catholic service, they formed a parish called, St Joseph’s… That’s what came out. You know why? ecause these are the hobbits. Thes MAGAs. These are the most humble, most patriotic, working class or lower middle class, no money, but super devout.

And the families with five, six, seven, and eight kids and the number of young people that went to the Academy, particularly the Naval Academy or West Point, but went to the Naval Academy and then became Marines later, was just incredible.

These are the best people in the world. And that’s what the FBI is going after. This is the weaponization. Chris Wray and Merrick Garland are pure evil, 100% evil to their core. They’re not uni-parties, not the swamp. Don’t give me any Q term. They’re pure evil. But we’re getting some wins, particularly on this committee. We got brag. They’re all over Bragg. But you got the biggest win of all, brother Davis. Matt Calangelo. Now, they sent a thing out today saying, don’t destroy anything you’ve done. Tell me about how he’s on the list. He’s got to come forward. He’s got to save all of his communications. Sir.


John-Henry Westen of Lifesite News joined Bannon on The War Room this week to discuss the ongoing attacks on Christianity by the Biden regime.

And ULTRA MAGA PARTY put together another EXCEPTIONAL video on the Biden Regime’s war on Christians and conservatives.

“Just doing your job” is NOT good enough!

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