BOYCOTT BEGINS: Liquor Store Pulling Bud Light From Shelves After Trans Endorsement

Bud Light went woke and partnered with trans-TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney.

They sent out packs of Bud Light featuring Mulvaney’s face to celebrate Mulvaney’s “365 Days of Girlhood.”

They also had a promotional video of Mulvaney drinking beer in a bathtub as part of the campaign.

Fox News reported:

Trans TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney was announced as the latest spokesperson for Bud Light in a pair of videos that were attacked on social media.

The trans activist revealed on Saturday that the beer company sent packs of Bud Light featuring the influencer’s face as a way to celebrate the “365 Days of Girlhood” milestone Mulvaney recently reached.

“Happy March Madness!! Just found out this had to do with sports and not just saying it’s a crazy month! In celebration of this sports thing @budlight is giving you the chance to win $15,000! Share a video with #EasyCarryContest for a chance to win!! Good luck! #budlightpartner,” Mulvaney wrote on Instagram.

Another video featured Mulvaney in a bathtub drinking a Bud Light beer as part of the campaign.

They have faced backlash over this.

One liquor store even refused orders of Bud Light in response.

They allegedly aren’t the only store to do this.

Many celebrated the news.

A PR expert called the decision by Bud Light to partner with Mulvaney a mistake.

Daily Mail reported:

A PR expert has now told that the decision by Bud Light and their parent company Anheuser-Busch to link up with Dylan Mulvaney was a mistake.

I really cannot understand their approach for this because their core audience just cannot relate.

Cutting your core audience in the hope you can draw a completely new audience in, who haven’t been exposed before, doesn’t make sense.

Most US families are exposed to their father drinking the beer, or other family members, but it has never been seen as the cool beer.

Go woke, go broke.

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