Biden Border Crisis: Chicago Officials Say City Facing ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ Amid Renewed Illegal Surge

As a renewed surge of illegals from Biden’s broken southern border make their way to cities across the country, Chicago officials declare the city is facing “a humanitarian crisis.”

For almost three hours on Friday, Chicago aldermen heard details of the crisis at a joint hearing on budget and immigration.

City officials shared that the Chicago City Council will be asked to spend $53 million from the city’s budget surplus to address the influx.

The Gateway Pundit reported on whistleblower video that confirms that the Chicago Housing Authority is leaving homeless Americans on the streets in favor of illegals.

The state of Illinois is also planning to house hundreds of illegal immigrants in a shuttered K-Mart store on Chicago’s south side and illegals are sleeping on the floor at area police departments.

O’Hare airport devolved into a third world hellhole as the airport became a homeless shelter as some illegals who arrive at the airport simply created a make-shift shelter there.

WTTW reports:

More than 2,800 recent migrants, who are in the country legally after requesting asylum and being granted parole, are being housed in the city’s shelters, said Brandie Knazze, the commissioner of the Department of Family and Support Services.

That surge began about 10 days ago, officials said, catching city officials off guard who were relieved that the crisis appeared to have eased after peaking in the fall. City officials were focused on preparing for a new wave of people to make their way to Chicago after federal officials stop enforcing a public health rule designed to limit the spread of disease by expelling asylum-seekers on the southern border on May 11.

“We are using every tool in our tool box,” said Knazze, adding that the surge is already here, and more asylum-seekers will likely head to Chicago after the rule expires.


State officials agreed to send $20 million to Chicago to help officials care for the migrants, but that covered the city’s costs for just two months: January and February. State officials agreed this month to give the city an additional $10 million to help care for the migrants — a fraction of the approximately $62 million the city requested, Park said.

In all, it will cost the city $124.8 million to care for the immigrants sent to Chicago from the nation’s southern border between January and June, leaving Chicago financial officials no choice but to ask the City Council to earmark an additional $53 million from the city’s surplus to cover the costs, Park said.





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