Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Nails Georgia SOS’s Gabriel Sterling Over 2020 Election Fraud During Testimony – While He Is Sitting Right Next to Her!

Yesterday, the Election Integrity Caucus held a “roundtable discussion addressing election administration best practices.” According to a press release from NY Representative Claudia Tenney, the discussion involved “chief election officers from around the country” and discussed “what went right in their states during the 2022 election and raised a range of ideas for improving elections as we look forward to 2024.”

One of the invitees was Gabriel Sterling, the current Chief Operating Officer in the Georgia Secretary of State’s office. Sterling notoriously resigned from his post in order to engage in the 2020 as a private contractor. Sometime after the election concluded, Mr. Sterling resumed his position in the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.  In Sterling’s capacity as a private contractor, he is not subject to open records request.

In the press release from Rep. Tenney, Sterling is quoted as saying:

“Georgia leads the nation in election security and access, and the policies considered by the committee need to address practical, conservative proposals that guarantee secure and accessible elections for all voters. Antiquated laws prevent states from keeping their voter files current and accurate, and it is time for Congress to make necessary changes to the National Voter Registration Act to modernize election procedures.”

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was less than thrilled that Sterling was invited to the discussion.  She stated she does not consider “Gabe” an “expert” but rather a “major problem.”  Rep. Greene told Sterling the story about her husband voting in person but being told that he had already voted by mail.  According to FOIA’d emails from the Georgia Sec. of State, this occurrence happened frequently throughout the state of Georgia.

Rep. Greene reiterated that there was “blatant outright fraud in the 2020 election.”  She then referenced part of her own district, Floyd County, where thousands of votes were found in favor of President Donald Trump during the hand recount in mid-November 2020.  The Gateway Pundit reported on over 2600 ballots that were found, with over 1600 of those going for President Trump.  This same “phenomenon” occurred in at least three other counties in Georgia:  Fayette, Douglas, Dekalb and Walton, that we know of.

The Dominion representative that worked in Floyd County was formerly employed by the Kamala Harris campaign for Senate.

Sterling responded by alluding to Rep. Greene as dealing in “disproven conspiracies” while promoting Coca-Cola.


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