Michigan State Shooter’s Note Released: Blames ‘Racism’, Lack of Sex, for Killings

Today, almost a month after the fatal shooting of three Michigan State students in Lansing, Michigan and a few days after radical hard-left Democrats pass extreme gun-grabbing bills in response, the public is finally allowed to read the crazed shooter’s final thoughts. Anthony McRae’s note that was in his pocket after shooting himself when confronted by police in Lansing, Michigan strongly goes against the official mainstream narrative about the event.

McRae had been arrested years prior on a gun charge, but the charge was pled down to a misdemeanor because, as the Soros-prosecutor Caroline Siemon has since admitted, she didn’t want to put a black man in prison. Had he been prosecuted he would not have been legally allowed to own a gun under current law. As reported by the Gateway Pundit, Anthony McRae was a left-wing progressive Democrat.

If it weren’t for left-wing prosecutors and dangerous left-wing criminal justice policies, the students at Michigan State would be alive today.

The Democrat Michigan legislature is busy banning guns because of what Democrat McRae did. McRae used a 9mm handgun, so Democrats are busy banning the sale of shotguns. Democrats are criminalizing mere gun ownership, even though McRae’s known and reported reckless and dangerous discharge within city limits was not pursued or investigated by ineffective local Lansing police.


“My father had nothing to do with this.”

“lovely f*** all you racist motherf******”

“10 years since I’ve had sex”

“I don’t want to be an American african”

The left-wing Michigan media is in damage control mode.

The Detroit Free-Press minimizes and ignores the racial and sexual frustrations of the killer in this article.

The Detroit News expresses sympathy for McRae in their reporting by highlighting how much of a loner he felt, once again minimizing the racial motive for the attack and his self-confessed sexual issues.

Fox 2 Detroit focuses on the shooter’s false claims of being part of a wider team that were going to commit terror across the country. Fox, along with other outlets, minimizes the shooter’s confessed racial motivations.

Big tech, along with law enforcement, have been notorious for deleting the social media profiles of left-wing mass shooters, as well as minimizing their stated reasons for committing their atrocities. Nothing in these notes needs to be redacted, suppressed, or delayed a month but it was very useful for the militant left in advancing their anti-gun narrative about the Michigan State shooting without having to contend with the actual facts of the shooting. When the facts of a mass shooting contrast with the left-wing agenda, corrupt law enforcement just suppresses the inconvenient facts.

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