Did She Make Him Cry? Worthless RINO Adam Kinzinger Gets Triggered After Lauren Boebert Tweets “Real Men Aren’t Women” – Boebert then Provides DEVASTATING Response

Adam Kinzinger completely humiliated himself again last night.

As The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft reported, Ric Grenell completely destroyed Kinzinger after the whipped RINO melted down over Tucker Carlson releasing the J6 Tapes.

Kinzinger is so deranged that he once threatened a cartoon cat on Twitter.

The former Illinois congressman evidently thought he would have greater success taking on a woman. As one will see, this proved to be a poor decision on his part.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) tweeted around 7pm that “real men aren’t women.” She did not direct this tweet at Kinzinger or anyone else (h/t Twitchy).

But Kinzinger saw the tweet and it set him off. He proceeded to go on a rampage without ever saying whether he agrees with Boebert.

Was he trying to virtue-signal for his followers or just feeling insecure?

Boebert responded to Kinzinger’s tantrum with this brutal stinger:

“Don’t worry Adam, I don’t consider you a real man.”

One can feel confident that Kinzinger will fail to learn from this experience. More epic humiliations await him in the near future.


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