EXCLUSIVE: Another Election System Provider – Tenex Software – Like Knowink – Connects to Internet, Not Certified, Not Audited, Across Numerous States


On Thursday TGP reported on the BPro election system.  Then on Friday Knowink was uncovered.  Today we have information on another election system provider by the name of Tenex Software.  Together, these companies provide systems that corrupt election administrators could only dream of.

On Thursday TGP reported on the BPro election system in New Mexico which is a go-between Dominion and the Secretary of State’s office.  This system is not certified by any election auditor accredited by the US government that we are aware of.  It’s connected to the Iternet and it’s accessible to other entities.  (And yet, New Mexico’s Soros-backed Secretary of State lied and said her systems weren’t connected to the Internet.)

EXCLUSIVE: ELECTION SYSTEM DISCOVERED – Used in MULTIPLE States – Internet Connected, Uncertified, and Accessible to Numerous Govt Agencies and Outside Entities

On Friday TGP determined that BPro had been purchased by Knowink in 2021 and added to its suite of election system products.

Two Radical Obama-Appointed Judges Rule in Favor of Stacey Abrams in Her Attempt to Steal Election

Knowink has one product that is labeled Poll Pad that replaces paper processing.  These devices clearly are on the Internet.  In 2021 Knowink surpassed 100,000 poll pads units.

Knowink promotes other systems, including its ePulse system as follows:

ePulse is an all-inclusive election management suite designed to give administrators real-time access to monitor their election as a whole. All Poll Pads connect to this central hub where voter check-in data is securely transferred via WiFi or cellular networks in near real time. This tool allows for administrators to oversee the operation of individual precincts and Poll Pads including battery life of the device, average check-in times, number of ballots issued or spoiled; all the while ensuring the election authority can directly contact poll workers via video or text message for speedy trouble resolution.

Today we have identified a company similar to Knowink  – Tenex Solutions

Tenex solutions advertises that they have served 31 million voters across numerous platforms as well.

Tenex solutions precinct central platform has surpassed 30,000 units.  Tenex claims: 

Precinct Central runs in a completely isolated space on the iPad and in the Cloud to prevent malicious attacks.

The company also has a system labeled Live Results that provides up-to-date election results on election night.

Most Americans believe the 2020 Election was stolen and a big part of it was the election systems that were used.  Now we find out that there is a whole new segment in the industry that runs poll pads and shares election night information presumably from these poll pads with other platforms providing them up to date results. 

Why do we need to know who voted in an election before it is closed?  Why do we need to know who voted in an election before the final results are counted and certified?

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