BIG MOOD: Maga Rappers Film Music Video Outside DC Gulag with Ashli Babbitt’s Mom – SEE IT BELOW!

MAGA rappers Forgiato Blow and Ron J Spike released a music video filmed outside the DC jail at a vigil for the Jan 6 political prisoners during CPAC.

Ashli Babbitt’s mother Micki Witthoeft has led the vigil for more than 200 consecutive nights for the J6 prisoners held there and across America.

The video was not staged.

The people in it are regular attendees: J6 family members, live-streamers, Chinese-American patriots and supporters bring their flags, signs and candles each night.

Watch The Peoples Reverend video:

“Don’t prey on me, just pray for me, I love my country faithfully”


Forgiato Blow’s song Ashli Babbitt is played nightly at the vigil.

Ron J Spike is an outspoken DC rapper who has visited the “Gulag” vigil before.

Also in the video is Drisco —Phoenix-based producer and homeschool father of eight.


Rapper Ron J Spike has been an outspoken MAGA rapper since his “redpill” in the summer of 2020.


Micki’s work has been invaluable to the Jan 6 community.

She has previously said that in a dream, Ashli told her to be in DC at the jail.

Over seven months, a powerful movement has been born.

On top of leading vigil each night, Micki attends court hearings and visits with Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill.

“She has undoubtedly become the spiritual and public mother of this movement,” said Jonathan Mellis, one of the DC gulag prisoners held 24 months without an initial bond hearing.

Over seven months, the vigil has been a place for prayer, fellowship, court announcements, and recording direct testimony of the experiences of the J6 hostages who call in to speak. It is broadcast by a handful of dedicated live-streamers—unfiltered, boots-on-the-ground citizen journalists who have amplified its reach to the hundreds of thousands.


Micki Witthoeft and Forgiato Blow stand outside the DC jail (behind) on Freedom Corner.


It is imperative she is able to continue this work.

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