EPSTEIN CLIENT LIST UPDATE: Gateway Pundit Doggedly Seeks Unsealing of Sex Client List at Second Circuit Court of Appeals

In July, 2022, Gateway Pundit lawyers Marc Randazza and Jay Wolman of the Randazza Legal Group, along with GP General Counsel John Burns filed a motion to intervene in the Guiffre v. Maxwell case in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

GP is asking the Court to unseal all records identifying Epstein’s Sex Clients. 

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You can read a copy of the brief, here.

In August, 2022 the federal judge overseeing the case, denied Gateway Pundit’s efforts to unseal the documents. 

HOWEVER, Gateway Pundit filed an appeal to the federal Second Circuit Court of Appeals, demanding that GP and the public be allowed to access the Epstein Sex Client list.

** See HERE for GP’s Opening Appellate Brief.

On February 27, 2023, a “John Doe” interested party (a person whose identity had been sealed by the court because of their affiliation with Epstein) filed a Brief opposing Gateway Pundit’s appeal and asking the Court of Appeals to deny the brief.

The “John Doe”’s arguments are extremely lame.  “Doe” merely argues that Gateway Pundit waited too long to request the arguments.  According to “Doe,” GP and the public have no interest in the Epstein sex client list because too much time has transpired. 

This is a stupid argument: years after his death, the public continues to believe (rightfully) that he was murdered, and that he pimped underage girls to rich and powerful world leaders and captains of industry, for the purpose of extorting the oligarchs for the benefit of certain nation states’ spy agencies.

See HERE for the John Doe’s Response in Opposition to GP’s Appeal

JOHN DOE Appellee Brief Response to The Gateway Pundit Brief in Epstein Case by Jim Hoft on Scribd

YESTERDAY – Monday, March 20, 2023 – Gateway Pundit filed its Reply brief, hitting back at “Doe’s” lame argument. Lead counsel Marc Radazza, Jay Wolman and co. did a fantastic job. Here’s an excerpt:

“Two rich, powerful, and politically connected people ran an international sex trafficking enterprise. To say that the criminal case involving Jeffrey Epstein was handled oddly is an understatement. For the most part, he escaped justice until the matter became so prevalent that he was re-arrested. Maxwell avoided justice until public attention made it impossible to ignore her any further. However, this is the first sex trafficking operation in history that apparently has victims, but no clients. How is that possible? Everything in this case points to the clients being more rich and powerful men with the ability to warp justice with power and money. The people deserve to know who has such power that they have remained above the law for decades.

John Doe is a non-party, with no demonstrated standing. He is proceeding pseudonymously without leave to do so. Doe resists the disclosure of the Epstein Client List by arguing that a media entity waited too long to seek to have a narrow set of records unsealed. There is no such thing as a media entity waiting too long—whenever the media wants access to previously sealed records, that very desire makes the request timely. There is no statute of limitations on journalism.”

Gateway Pundit’s brief is a great read, you should read it in full, HERE.

TGP Reply Brief Hitting Back at John Doe Argument in Epstein Case by Jim Hoft on Scribd

We’ll see if the Second Circuit does the right thing and opens the records to the public, or if powerful forces claim victory instead.

We’ll keep you posted as the story continues to develop.

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