Police Vehicle Hit by Unlicensed Driver While Police Were Investigating Incident by a Different Unlicensed Driver

A police car in Florida was hit by an unlicensed driver while the policeman was investigating an incident by a different unlicensed driver. 

The Martin County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office released a report on Facebook this morning about a police car being hit by an unlicensed driver while the police were investigating an accident by a different unlicensed driver.

The report reads as follows on Facebook:

A MCSO Traffic Deputy investigating a traffic crash escaped injury when his marked patrol vehicle was hit by an unlicensed driver.
The deputy was investigating a crash along SE 47th Avenue and SE Field Street over the weekend. That’s where an unlicensed driver hit a child on a bicycle. As he was questioning that driver, 49-year old Amelia Mericel Miranda De La Rosa, a second unlicensed driver in a Ford F-250, crashed into the back of the marked patrol SUV. The child in the first crash was airlifted to the hospital, but is expected to recover. Amelia Mericel Miranda De La Rosa was charged with driving without a license. This is her second such charge in two years.
The driver who hit the deputy’s vehicle, 29-year old Angel Palesio-Monson, told deputies he didn’t see the marked patrol car or the parking lights. Palesio-Monson said he was returning home from a roofing job in Wellington where he cut his finger. He told the deputy he had two beers to help him cope with the pain. Palesio-Monson said he has never had a driver’s license. He was transported to the hospital to be treated for the cut to his finger. Palesio-Monson was charged with driving without a license. DUI with property damage charges are pending.

Below is the report.

The comments under the post are priceless.  Here are a couple – 

I’d bet my paycheck they are illegal! But I bet they both voted ten times each, in multiple states. Sad that they have more rights and protections then a law abiding citizen! Ugh

Grrrr! No license, no insurance & OUR insurance goes up. Thank you for at least temporarily getting these folks off the road!

This is just a tiny fraction of what this country will endure as all the millions of illegals have been permitted free access to everything this activist administration is freely handing them. We citizens now must assume a large number of drivers on the road are unlicensed, untrained, and uninsured.

Note most of the comments are from Americans who want the law enforced.  Never forget that we are the MAGA majority. 

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