Interview With “Big 4” Railroad Train Conductor With Insight to Issues Impacting Railroads Today

Earlier this week, The Gateway Pundit reported on the railroad company at the center of this derailment, Norfolk Southern, turned record profits in the Q4 of 2022 and in 2022 as a whole.  They were up $385 million in the Q4 and $1.6 billion, or 14%, in 2022 compared to 2021.  It was a record year for Norfolk Southern.

The Railway Company Behind the Ohio Crash Turned Record Profits in 2022 While Drastically Cutting Employees and Quality of Life

Despite these extravagant profits, they cut back a significant number of employees since 2017 and 2019 when Precision Schedule Railroading was implemented.  While the cuts leave more profits for Norfolk Southern’s top investors, Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street Capitol, they’ve left the rails undermanned, the employees overworked, and the cities these trains travel through in potential danger.  Not many people are aware that train derailments happen often.  Very often.  As in over 1,000 per year or around 3.5 per day across the United States.  Most of them aren’t with trains/cars carrying noxious or carcinogenic chemicals, oils or explosives, etc.

Just about 3 months ago, a Norfolk Southern train derailed in Ravenna, OH, about 50 miles away from East Palestine.  That one didn’t carry anything hazardous: some rock salt and a couple Jeeps.

Last night, on my podcast, I was fortunate enough to talk with a “Big 4” Railway conductor.  The insight from someone that is working this daily, “on call 24/7 365” and experiencing everything Clyde Whitaker talks about in this Twitter thread from WokeSocietes, from understaffed trains to reduced inspection times to overworked rail-gangs.

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