In Explosive New Interview, Sy Hersh Details His Allegations of the Nord Stream 2 Sabotage (VIDEO)

In an explosive interview, Sy Hersh details his Allegations of Nord Stream 2 Sabotage.

On February 8th, Seymour Hersh released his explosive and in depth report on how Joe Biden gave the approval to bomb Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipelines to Europe.   The Biden administration was assumed to be the culprit in the terrorist attack since the pipelines were bombed last year.  Sy Hersh released full details on how the attack was pulled off.

An antiwar protester carries a sign blaming Joe Biden for the Nord Stream bombing at a recent rally in Washington DC.

On Saturday, Jason Goodman and Charles Ortel interviewed Sy Hersh regarding his reporting of the sabotage of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Europe.  In this in-depth interview, Hersh begins by discussing some of his previous work and the media today.

Hersh then tackled his recent reporting by discussing Germany.  The people there made it through this winter with natural gas prices at 3-4 times their regular prices but next year is going to be a disaster.

The people of Germany and of Europe are not jumping on the war with Russia train and don’t care so much about Ukraine because it’s one of the most corrupt countries in the world is what Biden was being told.

The choice for Europe was either to keep supporting the war or keep receiving the natural gas and keep warm and make money.

There’s no natural gas in Europe and so what he’s done [Biden] is he’s told even NATO and Western Europe is that well, you know, yeah we’ve had your backs since World War II but I’m going to push Ukraine.  I want to mix it up with Putin.  Politically American Presidents know that war does wonderful things for their poll ratings. By the way, it has for Putin too…

That was the purpose of the pipeline and I’m telling you right now there is no way this Administration is going to admit, even if somebody else breaks and admits it happened, they’re not going to admit it happened.  They are going to keep on denying.  They have no options at this point…

Biden sees his political chances tied up with this war…

Watch the entire discussion below.



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