Florida Bill Would Ban Gender Studies and Critical Race Theory Majors at Universities

A new Florida bill would ban gender studies, intersectionality, and Critical Race Theory majors at state universities.

The bill, HB 999, would also prohibit employers from considering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) while hiring university faculty.

It says that state colleges and universities are prohibited from “using diversity, equity, and inclusion statements, Critical Race Theory rhetoric, or other forms of political identity filters as part of the hiring process, including as part of applications for employment, promotion and tenure, conditions of employment, or reviewing qualifications for employment.”

Republican State Representative Alex Andrade introduced the bill, which additionally prohibits universities from spending money on programs or campus activities that promote DEI and “Critical Race Theory rhetoric.”

The bill states that general education classes at state universities “may not suppress or distort significant historical events or include a curriculum that teaches identity politics, such as Critical Race Theory, or defines American history as contrary to the creation of a new nation based on universal principles stated in the Declaration of Independence.”

Instead, they will be required to have classes on Western civilization, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, subsequent amendments, and the Federalist Papers.

WFLA reports, “the bill expands hiring and firing power for university presidents and boards of trustees. In Florida, boards of trustees are appointed by the governor. Then, the board will select and and vote for a president.”

“Discussing tenure and hiring practices in January, DeSantis said the change of hiring practices for Florida universities would also allow the state to prevent ‘certain worldviews’ from being promoted when making academic hiring decisions by faculty committees.,” the report explained.

It would also create a “Florida Institute for Governance and Civics” at Florida State University, which would “encourage civic literacy in Florida schools and development of education tools and resources for K-12 and postsecondary students to “foster an understanding of how individual rights, constitutionalism, separation of powers, and federalism function within the American system of government.”

If passed, the legislation would take effect on July 1, 2023.


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