Corrupt DOJ Continues to Illegally Ignore President Trump’s Attorney-Client Privilege

When it comes to President Trumrp, corrupt Democrats and the DOJ believe attorney-client privilege means nothing.  

We saw this first in the Mueller years.  The DOJ was welded into one giant corrupt and criminal enterprise under Barack Obama.  The law meant nothing to this gang.

When the DOJ didn’t have enough on President Trump for their coup to work, they stole documents from President Trump’s attorney Rudi Giuliani.  When the FBI raided his place and he offered them a copy of Hunter’s laptop they declined it.  But confidential communications of Giuliani’s with the President were fair game for these crooks.

Giuliani: DOJ Secretly Went into My iCloud Account in 2019, Invaded Attorney Client Privilege as We Were Defending Against Phony Impeachment

The FBI recently raided President Trump’s iconic home Mar-a-Lago in one of the most corrupt acts in history.  During this raid then stole the President’s attorney-client material.  They have never given it back.  They never should have had it.  This again proves how criminally compromised the DOJ and FBI are.

DOJ Admits They Reviewed and May Have Taken ‘Limited’ Amount of Attorney-Client Privileged Docs in Trump Raid

There was no reason to raid President Trump’s home.  It was unnecessary, unprecedented, and unlawful.

Mark Levin on FOX reports that the FBI is illegally going after President Trump’s attorney-client material again.

Justice Department prosecutors on Tuesday asked a federal judge to compel one of Trump’s lawyers, M. Evan Corcoran, to answer more questions before a grand jury regarding the former president’s handling of classified documents. Prosecutors cited the crime-fraud exception as a way to circumvent the attorney-client privilege.

This exception, Levin said, is used if prosecutors believe a client is seeking advice from an attorney to assist with the furtherance of a crime or fraud.

“Then the communication is said not to be privileged. So the prosecution goes to a judge and says, ‘look, I’ve got evidence here that basically this is a ruse, that, in fact, the client is using the attorney to perpetrate an ongoing crime and fraud,'” he explained on “Life Liberty & Levin.”

Levin argued attorney-client privilege is a fundamental right protected under the Bill of Rights and crucial to a functioning government.

He called out Smith for trying to pierce it, saying he has a “wildly broad interpretation of obstruction.”

“I don’t have to read tea leaves. I see what he’s doing, and he wants to make an obstruction case, but he wants to violate a principle that applies to all of us when it comes to justice and lawyers,” he said.

The criminals in the DOJ have spent tens of millions trying to set up President Trump on process crimes because he’s done nothing wrong.  These DOJ monsters must end up in prison (or worse if called out on their sedition) for the country to ever heal. 

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